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Packing Professionals

Packing is by no means just stuffing items into boxes. It is a very tedious, important, and long process that requires great care. The Richmond, VA movers and packers at On The Fly Moving are experts in this field. We can help you will all phases of your move. If you just need a few extra bodies to help, we can provide moving helpers to speed up your move. Decided moving is just too big of a job to handle yourself? We have a full suite, concierge level moving team available to handle all of your relocation needs. Call us today to get started.

Quality Matters.

Be at ease knowing that all of your items will arrive at their destination unharmed, and in an organized convenient fashion. Our professionals safely pack and label every box with caution and skill. Avoid broken dishes and cracked screens by hiring our expert packers.

Full Packing

The Richmond Moving experts at On The Fly Moving Guys can pack up your entire home, business, or office. Whether you live in a studio apartment or a three story home, we can handle all of your packing needs! Save yourself from hours of stress. Have valuable paintings, glassware, or a grandfather clock? Our packing professionals are trained extensively to handle even the most precious items.

  • Includes furniture disassembly

Itemized/Partial Packing

Whether you have a single room that needs to be packed or a single item, our professionals are just a quick call away!


Packing Supplies

We have great deals and convenient bundle packages on Richmond Moving Supplies! Receive discounted rates on all moving supplies with the purchase of our packing services.

Unpacking Services

Ah, the home stretch. Seeing stacks of boxes spread throughout your new home can be a bit overwhelming; we are happy to take that stress off your hands.

  • Includes furniture assembly & organizing

Short Notice Moves

If one thing is certain when moving it’s that things don’t always go as planned. We get it.

Disassembly & Assembly

Bunk beds, baby cribs, tables, you name it. Disassembly and assembly of most items is included.

Full Room Set Ups

We make sure your home is organized and set up exactly how you want it.

Packing Tips for a Successful Move

  1. Label Each Box With Detail- This seems easy, but with everything that goes on while moving it can
    sometimes slip your mind, MAKE SURE boxes are labeled properly. This means
    including what is in the box, what room it is going to, and if it is fragile.
  2. Box As Many Items As Possible- Almost everything that can be put into a box should be. This not only prevents
    you from losing items, but it also saves your movers time.
  3. Avoid Packing Boxes Too Heavy- Keep in mind how heavy you are packing the boxes. If it feels super heavy it should likely be packed into two separate boxes. Not only is this for the sake of
    our movers, but it also makes it much more difficult to stack boxes inside the
    truck if they are this heavy.
  4. Pack An Overnight Bag- It is crucial to pack your necessities in a bag for the day of your move. Things like
    hygiene products, phone chargers, and medicine can be difficult to find when
    your items are all packed up.


Prep-Work Is Crucial for a Successful Move

  1. Make it clear where the items are going in the new home: this may mean labeling boxes with things like “pink room” “Dan’s room” or simply “master bedroom.”
  2. If the new home is big, it can be very beneficial to also tape the name of the room at each door.
  3. Make it clear of what items are not being moved: This can be done by simply putting them in the corner of a room or sticky notes.
  4. Make sure there are clear pathways with as much space as possible in each room: This helps speed the moving process along greatly.
  5. Make sure your movers will have a good parking spot: A close parking spot with lots of room can make your move a breeze. You may want to speak with your city, apartment complex, etc. about reserving a spot.

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