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Richmond White Glove Furniture Delivery

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Are you a manufacturer, architect, furniture retailer, interior designer, or import/export company? Chances are your good reputation is highly dependent on receiving, storage, and delivery. To ensure your delicate and valuable shipments are well taken care of, consider using a professional white glove furniture delivery service.

At On The Fly Moving, we’re experts when it comes to dealing with the logistics and delivery of high-end furniture, special items, and more. When you hire our white glove movers in Richmond, you can have peace of mind knowing we’ll ensure your shipments arrive at the new destination on time and without any disturbance.

On The Fly Moving provides top-tier white glove delivery services for Richmond, all of Central Virginia, and the Greater Richmond Region.

White Glove & Designer Delivery Services in Richmond

While your clients rely on you to fulfill their visions, they probably haven’t taken into account all the bits and pieces of complicated logistics that make it work. To help your business succeed, a dependable white glove delivery and storage company can manage all those logistics. This will avoid wasted time on checking shipments status, overseeing returns, or dealing with damaged, late, or missing shipments.

Designers, architects, and importers need to work with white glove transportation to prevent a damaged reputation as a consequence of the delivery process. The specific challenges to be dealt with include:
On the Fly Moving is here to smoothly handle the logistics of your business to ensure you continue to deliver high-quality services and maintain your positive reputation.


Sometimes warehouse receiving isn’t the best approach for a seamless last-mile delivery process. To ensure your shipment is properly handled, our white glove movers offer quality pickup service for manufacturers, furniture showrooms, and more.


Shipping to private residences or offices is not available from most trade vendors. Receiving warehouses can be crucial in addition to reducing logistic costs and improving inventory management. Our warehouse receiving ensures the acceptance, inspection, and proper storage of all items prior to the final delivery.


To inspect for damages, quality, and other flaws in the product or packaging, we implement a quality control process for all the individual shipments we pick up or receive. We will notify you of any issues that may lead to replacements or repairs concerning your shipments. During the process, if improved protection is required for the items, we will repackage or custom crate them.

Inventory Management

We will always keep you up to date regarding what has been accepted at our warehouse, the condition and status of any inspected items, and the time and date of the deliveries.


Our Richmond white glove movers and moving trucks make it a priority that your shipments are properly handled and protected. To do so, we’ll plan and prep the shipments for delivery, utilize professional and up-to-date equipment, and apply strategies and techniques that ensure nothing is damaged or off-schedule based on the customer’s expectations.


Our white glove movers at On the Fly Moving are experts in executing a flawless white glove installation experience. Based on the request of the customer, we’ll have the furniture assembled and arranged in the correct spot while preventing damage or scratches to your client’s floors and walls.


By utilizing the proper tools, equipment, and expertise, white glove delivery movers in Richmond can easily assemble items upon request.

Removal of Rubbish

When you work with us, we do everything we can to ensure your clients have a positive impression of your business and the quality products they ordered. Following the delivery and installation, we’ll cautiously remove rubbish, debris, and packages left over from the delivery so it doesn’t get in the way of your customer’s time and enjoyment of their new product. We can even help to set up the product they ordered.

Facilitate Repairs & Returns

Your shipment will undergo careful inspection once it is received for quality control. If it arrives flawed or damaged, we will inform you and facilitate a return and exchange with the manufacturer or third-party repairs.

Industries Served with Richmond White Glove Delivery Services

Want to spend your time providing the best services and products to your clients? Allow On The Fly Moving to take over the logistics details. Our crew delivers quality white glove delivery services in Richmond; we do everything in our power to avoid damaging items or delaying deliveries. 

Interior Designers
To manage the logistics of your business, our premier interior designer delivery services offer a reliable solution to ensure your vision is delivered on time and meets your high expectations. We offer receiving, pickup, quality control, and professional, award-winning white glove delivery for artwork, expensive furniture, fragile items, you name it! We facilitate prompt exchanges for damaged merchandise we review at our interior design warehouse. Additionally, the shipments and arrangements of the final delivery and installation will be consolidated by us. 

Retailers & Showrooms
The expectation of your customers is high. They expect the high-end furniture they purchase to come with accurate delivery and perfect condition. Our white glove delivery services support your hard-earning reputation, prevent expensive damage and returns, and allow you to provide the highest quality customer experience. In addition to special treatment toward expensive furniture, we utilize quality equipment and expert techniques to inspect, store, load, transport, and deliver fragile delicate items, handcrafted wood, heavy stone pieces, custom furniture, and much more.

Whether serving contractors, firms, architect builders, Airbnb or VRBO owners, On The Fly Moving provides top-rate white glove delivery services, inspection and quality control, storage solutions, and shipment consolidation for a variety of different products including high-end furnishing, stone countertops, fireplace mantels, etc.

Our custom crating, repacking, and facilitation of returns will help prevent you from spending an excessive amount of time away from clients.

Why Choose On The Fly Moving for all your Richmond White Glove Delivery Needs

Choosing the right receiving warehouse and Richmond white glove delivery company for the last mile delivery is crucial for your company. You need a reliable logistics partner that can help you follow project timelines, ensure customer satisfaction, and maintain your product flow. 

There are numerous details to look for when deciding on a white glove delivery moving company. This includes having:

  • Smooth-riding trucks that are maintained on a regular basis and are equipped with:
    • State-of-the-art tools 
    • Blankets
    • Straps
    • Dollies
    • Specialized equipment such as a GPS system
  • A monitored and climate-controlled warehouse
  • Crew members that are professionally trained and have exceptional commercial moving experience
  • Good claims rate, great customer service, and plenty of experience
  • Positive Yelp and Google reviews
  • Up to date licensing and insurance
Take note that On The Fly Moving has all of the above. Our family-owned and operated team is proud to provide trusted logistic services for Richmond, all of Central Virginia, and the Greater Richmond Region. We are properly licensed and insured and provide accurate and affordable Richmond white glove delivery rates that come with no hidden costs. Our outstanding 5-star Google reviews are proof of our unbeatable reputation. Our dedicated movers are professionally trained, background checked, and more than ready to help your business succeed. Ready to discuss your free quote? Get in contact with us at 804-836-4954 so we can begin the process of providing you with tailored white glove delivery.