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Richmond Commercial Movers

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No matter the size of your company, relocating any commercial facility is a massive undertaking. From handling critical client/customer data to packing up your business’s most fragile pieces of equipment, the task of moving any commercial entity quickly becomes filled with stress and time-consuming duties. These duties often end up falling on the shoulders of your staff, which inevitably takes them away from their core roles.

Prevent damage, ensure business continuity, and sustain productivity when you trust our team at On The Fly Moving Guys! Proudly serving Richmond and all of Central Virginia and the Greater Richmond Region, including Albemarle and James City Counties, we’ve designed specialty moving services for our commercial clients. Harnessing years of industry knowledge and professional-grade tools, equipment, and supplies, we can guarantee a successful Richmond commercial move.

What Is A Richmond Commercial Move?

Curious about the core differences between residential and commercial moves? Overall, commercial moves require a much higher degree of coordination, planning, and skill. Corporate relocations are often extremely complicated and involve many decision-makers, policies, schedules, and approvals. Additionally, with employees and customers involved, it becomes even more necessary to take every step possible to ensure that the move is seamless, straightforward, and efficient.

Commercial relocation services are tailored to fit any type of commercial business — small or massive. This can include retailers, schools, warehouses, science labs, and beyond. Also, Richmond commercial relocation services are designated as a separate service category due to the high degree of complexity involved. Our team at On The Fly Moving Guys provides all companies with every resource needed for a successful relocation.

One of the central obstacles for any commercial move is the secure handling and transportation of heavy, fragile, and/or sensitive items. This can include everything from confidential client files to costly specialty machines. Understanding this challenge, our professional Richmond commercial movers have dedicated countless hours to training alongside the industry’s best practices.

Types of Richmond Commercial Moves

Created to be flexible and customizable, our Richmond commercial relocation services cover it all.

Types of Richmond Commercial Moving Services Offered:

  • Hotels & motels
  • Machinery & equipment moving
  • Commercial storage
  • Schools and universities
  • Furniture installation
  • Government offices
  • Specialty moves
  • Medical facility & lab moves
  • Retail stores & logistics
  • Warehouse moves
  • Industrial moving

Think that we only handle the most basic aspects of your commercial relocation? Our full-service Richmond commercial movers offer the most comprehensive experience you’ll find anywhere, including:

  • Coordination of your commercial moving project plan
  • Professional-grade resources — such as supplies, tools, and equipment
  • Expert packing techniques
  • Loading, transporting, and unloading of all of your company’s items

Cost of a Richmond Commercial Move

Are Richmond commercial relocation services in your company’s current budget? Offering some of the most competitive and affordable pricing in the state, you can rest assured that you’re always getting the best deal possible.

Unlike residential moves, there is minimal latitude in your relocation timeline and parameters. Oftentimes, a strict schedule and set of requirements must be followed. From being in business ourselves, we understand that downtime is to be kept at a minimum and avoided wherever possible.

Even when given strict parameters to follow, our Richmond commercial relocation company can be affordable for companies of all sizes. To calculate your costs, we use the following variables:

Want the best idea of how much your move will cost? Contact our team at On The Fly Moving Guys to request a custom in-business estimate or a virtual estimate.

Choosing the Best Richmond Commercial Movers

Wondering how to plan a commercial move? Locating the best Richmond commercial moving company is simply a matter of doing some basic research. Although this adds a bit of extra time in the beginning, the results of your research are well worth the effort.

Always make sure to review the following details for each Richmond commercial mover you are considering:

  • Read Richmond commercial moving companies reviews
  • Explore each company’s website for trust stats (e.g., claims rate, years in business, referral rate)
  • Confirm proper licensing and insurance
  • Speak with a company rep directly to see how your questions are answered

If your company is planning to relocate to a new facility anywhere in Richmond or anywhere throughout all of Central Virginia and the Greater Richmond Region, we’re ready to provide an unparalleled experience and commercial moving tips. Request a custom quote by contacting us today at 804-836-4954.

Deciding to collaborate with our five-star, trustworthy team at On The Fly Moving Guys means that you will receive all of the following resources and benefits from our commercial moving checklist:

  • Clean, 100% maintained, reliable trucks
    • Standard equipment on every local move in the truck
      • Extra boxes
      • Toolbox
      • Tape
      • Furniture blankets
      • Straps
      • Shrink wrap
      • Dollies – furniture and box
  • Professional-grade packing materials and supplies
  • Licensed and insured
  • 100% trained staff members
  • Service from one of the best commercial moving companies