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DMV Change of Address VA Guide [2024] | 💳 Virginia Change of Address Steps

Last Updated on: 12th October 2023, 02:39 pm

Are you relocating within Virginia or moving to the state? An important task that should be high on your moving to-do list is completing the Virginia change of address process. In most cases, you can schedule your address change ahead of time to make sure you receive important mail and packages. Virginia law also requires you to perform a Virginia DMV change of address form online or in person to notify the DMV of your new address.

We recommend starting these Virginia address change steps as soon as possible because it’ll be easier to prove residency when needed. Here’s everything you need to know to update your address with the DMV, USPS, IRS, and more.

DMV Change of Address VA Process | Moving within Virginia

You are required to complete a Virginia DMV change of address within 30 days of moving. You will need to provide the Virginia DMV with your new principal address in Virginia, not a business address or PO Box. You have the option of providing an alternate address to appear on your ID or driver’s license if you do not want your new residential address on your card. Here’s how to complete the DMV address change VA process.

How do I change my address with the DMV in Virginia? You have four options to complete a DMV Virginia change of address:

  • Call the VA DMV at (804) 497-7100
  • Visit a DMV customer service center or a Virginia DMV Select location
  • Mail the Virginia DMV Change of Address form to Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, PO Box 27412, Richmond, VA 23269
  • Complete a VA DMV address change online by providing your driver’s license number and birth date to get started. You will need to create a myDMV account.

There is no fee for a Virginia DMV change of address.

Virginia Driver’s License Address Change – How to Update Virginia Driver’s License Address

When you complete your Virginia DMV change of address, you will not automatically receive a new driver’s license or ID. To change your address on your Virginia driver’s license or ID, you will need to pay a fee to replace your driver’s license or VA photo ID. The replacement driver’s license fee is $20.

The application for a replacement driver’s license allows space for a Virginia DMV address change and voter registration address change (or registration).

You can request a replacement driver’s license online as long as you are not upgrading to a REAL ID. The photo on your current license will be used. If you want a new photo, you will need to make an appointment with a Virginia DMV customer service center by clicking here. If you get a replacement license at a DMV customer service center, you will need to complete the application for a driver’s license (Form DL1P) and present proof of identity.

Note: if your license expiration is less than one year from now, you can instead renew your driver’s license. Your Virginia DMV address change will be reflected on your renewed license. The fee to renew your driver’s license is $32 for an 8-year Virginia driver’s license. You can renew your license online by clicking here (2-year license renewal online due to COVID-19 restrictions) or you can visit a customer service center to renew your license in person.

If you choose to replace or renew your driver’s license in person, you will need to make an appointment. You can schedule an appointment online Monday through Friday.

VA DMV Address Change for Vehicle Registration

You can update your vehicle registration information in several ways and receive a replacement registration card with your new address.

  • Log into your myDMV account to complete a change of address and update your registration address. You can then print your new vehicle registration card or request a new one mailed to you.
  • Update your registration information online here with the last 4 digits of your VIN and your title number.
  • Visit a customer service center
  • Call the Virginia DMV at (804) 497-7100

It’s important to complete the Virginia DMV change of address process as soon as possible. Not only will this help you establish residency at your new location, it ensures your old locality will not assess personal property taxes on your vehicle. If you are moving from a city that requires auto decals, return your old decal to the city’s Commissioner of Revenue. You will need to get a new auto decal from the Commissioner of Revenue at your new location for a new auto decal, if applicable.

Note that you generally need to register your car with the city before you can get a decal. You usually have 60 days after moving to get a decal.

Many cities and counties have recently eliminated their vehicle decal requirement. Below are instructions for getting car decals in jurisdictions that require them.

Transfer Driver’s License to Virginia & Registration Transfer | Moving to Virginia

Moving to Virginia? You’ll need to transfer your driver’s license within 60 days of moving to the state.

To complete the Virginia out of state license transfer, you will need to take a completed Virginia driver’s license application and the following documents of proof to a Virginia DMV Customer Service Center.

  • Identity
  • Legal presence in the U.S.
  • Virginia residency
  • Social Security number

After passing a vision test, you will surrender your out of state driver’s license and pay the Virginia driver’s license fee of $32 for an 8-year license. You will get a temporary paper license with your new VA driver’s license mailed to you within 15 days.

How do I Transfer My Car Registration to Virginia? | Registering & Titling Your Car and Other New Resident Requirements

You must title your vehicle in Virginia within 30 days of moving to the state. You will need proof of Virginia address, the title or registration card from your previous state, proof of purchase (if purchased within the last 12 months), and a completed Application for Title and Registration.

There are other requirements you must meet to drive in Virginia:

  • To register your car in Virginia, you must have an insurance policy that complies with Virginia law.
  • Your vehicle must pass an annual safety inspection and have a valid Virginia safety inspection sticker.
  • Your vehicle will need to pass an emissions inspection before you can register it in certain counties and cities. If you have a valid emissions certificate already issued within the last 12 months, you can title and register it in Virginia without a new inspection.
  • Check with your new locality. Some require that you obtain a local car sticker or decal within 30 days of moving.

Virginia USPS Change of Address

Once you complete your Virginia DMV change of address, you can move on to the next important step: changing your mailing address with the USPS and setting up mail forwarding. This Virginia change postal address process is free and easy.

You can request the Virginia free change of address form at any post office. The Mover’s Guide contains coupons and the official USPS Change of Address Form (PS Form 3575). You will need to complete this form and drop it in the post office mail slot or give it to a postal worker.

You can also set up USPS mail forwarding online through You will need to use a credit or debit card and have a valid email address to set up online mail forwarding and there is a $1.10 fee. Be sure you have updated your address with your bank first!

The USPS change of address will forward your mail for up to 12 months, or 60 days for magazine and newspaper subscriptions. Your mail will begin to arrive within 7 to 10 business days.

The form will have you choose whether your move is temporary or permanent, your effective move date to start forwarding mail, and whether the move is for an individual or the whole household.

Keep in mind USPS mail forwarding does not notify the sender of your new address. Make sure you give important contacts and businesses your new address to make sure you continue receiving mail.

Virginia Change of Address for Taxes

Many people simply complete a USPS and VA DMV change of address before moving on to individual banks, businesses, and contacts. While easily overlooked, it’s just as important to update your address with the IRS, the Virginia Tax Office, and the taxation department of your former state for interstate moves.

Updating tax agencies ensures you get important tax documents and helps you prove your state of domicile and move date if needed.

Virginia Tax Office Address Change

Change your address with the Virginia Tax Office by using your new address to file a return and checking “new address.” If you have moved since filing a return, log into your Virginia Tax account to update your address and other contact information. You can create an individual account using a copy of your most recent Virginia tax return.

If you don’t have an account, send a letter with your name, Social Security number, spouse’s name and Social Security number (if you filed jointly), old address, and new address to: Virginia Department of Taxation, Office of Customer Services, PO Box 1115, Richmond, VA 23218-1115 or fax it to (804) 254-6113.

IRS Change of Address

Your address on file will be updated with the IRS automatically when you file a tax return with your new address. If you have already filed your return, use Form 8822, Change of Address to update your address with the IRS.

You can also update your address in person or over the phone or send a written, signed letter with your name, Social Security number, old address, and new address to the IRS at the address where you filed your last tax return.

Virginia Voter Registration Address Change

You have many ways to update your address and voter contact information.

  • View your voter registration status and update your address through the Virginia Department of Elections citizen portal.
  • Submit a Virginia Voter Registration Application and mail it to your local registrar or Virginia Department of Elections, 1100 Bank Street, Richmond, VA 23219
  • Send a letter to your local Voter Registration office with your name, identifying information (such as your Social Security number), your previous address, your new address, and a signature

Note: If you change your address when you renew your license or complete the Virginia DMV address change notification, you will have the option to update your voter registration address too.

To remain qualified and registered to vote, you must notify the local registrar of your address change before the registration book closes for the upcoming election. You cannot make changes 12 days before a special election or 21 days before a general or primary election.

If you have moved within the state and remain in the same congressional district, you can vote in your former precinct for the following general election in November and intervening elections unless you transfer or cancel your voter registration.

Transferring Virginia Utilities

If you’re moving within Virginia or buying a house, you may be able to transfer utilities to your new address. You will need to contact each utility company individually and have service in your name to transfer utilities. You will also need to find out if your new address is still in their service area, how much notice you need to give, and whether you will have a new or higher deposit.

Start the process of transferring utilities in Virginia about a week before you move.

Here’s a list of the main electric and natural gas companies in Virginia. Click the links below to start, stop, or move service. Note that you will not be able to transfer water and trash services unless you are staying within the city. Moving to or within Richmond? You can check our guide to Richmond, VA utilities for a complete guide to setting up utility services.

Virginia electric companies:

Virginia natural gas companies:

Other Ways to Complete Your Virginia Address Change

The above options for changing your address are a good place to start, but the following may also be relevant to make sure you receive all important deliveries and communications.

  • Bank, Lenders & Credit Cards
    • Do not rely on the USPS change of address as it does not notify senders of your address change. Make sure you update all financial institutions with your new address to receive tax documents, statements, and communications. You can also use bank statements with your new address as Virginia proof of residency.
  • Insurance
    • As soon as possible, update all insurance companies with your new address. This includes homeowner’s, renters, auto, and umbrella insurance policies. Especially when it comes to car insurance, your address is a major factor affecting your premiums. Your premium may go up or down when you provide your new address. If you do not give your insurance company your new address, a claim can be denied.
  • Subscriptions & Crowdfunding
    • USPS only forwards magazine subscriptions for two months and packages will not be forwarded. Update your address for any subscriptions to magazines and subscription boxes. Don’t forget about crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo to make sure you receive any rewards.
  • Organizations, Clubs & Memberships
    • If you are a member of any clubs or organizations, be sure they have your current contact information and mailing address.
  • Social Security Change of Address
  • VA Change of Address
  • US Passport Change of Address
    • You are not required to update your address on your passport. Your passport will remain valid with your previous address.

Now you’re all set to complete your Virginia change of address, including the more involved DMV change of address VA process to update your driver’s license and vehicle registration. You may find it helpful to make a list ahead of your move to change your address with important contacts, subscriptions, and businesses. Watch your mail in the month or two before you move and search your email and bank statements for subscriptions to make sure nothing important is overlooked.

While we can’t help with changing your address, the movers at On the Fly Moving Guys are ready to make the rest of your move as easy and worry-free as possible. Give us a call to request your free, affordable moving quote to cross another item off your moving to-do list!


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