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Safest Neighborhoods in Richmond VA [2024] | 🔐😍 What are the Safest Places to Live in Richmond? {Map, Data, Tips}

Last Updated on: 31st July 2023, 03:25 pm

Richmond — best known as the state capital of Virginia — is a city that is steeped in history and significance. Visitors and locals enjoy being surrounded by world-class museums, important statues, and spaces for outdoor recreation. Bustling and vibrant, the area is also known for its arts and culture scene.

If you are moving to Richmond, finding a safe neighborhood that suits your needs is essential. Whether you are relocating by yourself or with your family, having peace of mind in your new community can greatly enhance your life. This is especially true when moving to a large city, where certain neighborhoods are safer than others.

Crime Stats in Richmond

Curious about Richmond’s crime rate? Richmond recently experienced an increase in various crimes throughout the city. For example, between 2020 and 2021, rates of homicides, aggravated assault, and overall violent crime increased.

However, in the same time frame, certain types of crime decreased significantly in Richmond. Crimes such as robbery, arson, motor vehicle theft, and burglary all decreased in 2021.

Primarily attributed to the fact that the area is a large city, Richmond crime rates are 114 percent higher than the Virginia state average. Compared to the national average, Richmond’s crime rates are 60 percent higher. One of the most critical statistics to note is the city’s murder rates. As of the latest figures, the Richmond murder rate is 380 percent higher than the state average, and 379.6 percent higher than the U.S. average.

Violent crimes in Richmond are 26.2 percent higher than the national average, and 122.6 percent higher than the state average. However, that does not mean that you can’t find safe neighborhoods to live within the city. There are a multitude of communities that boast exceptional safety records, with crime rates well below city, state, and national averages. Top places to reside include Bellevue, Three Chopt, Byrd Park, The Fan District, The Museum District, and Westover Hills.


Safest Neighborhoods in Richmond

Due to the high overall crime rates in Richmond, knowing which neighborhoods are safest is critical prior to moving. Explore some of the safest neighborhoods in Richmond.

The Fan District — Vibrant college town environment with an exceptional dining scene

Crime: Violent crimes – 41 percent lower than the national average. Total crime – 32 percent above national average.
Median home price: $730,000
Great for: Young families, working professionals, university students.

Referred to as “The Fan” by locals, The Fan District is a bustling and charming Richmond neighborhood. Located near the heart of the city, this safe and lively community is home to top-tier restaurants, bars, and cafes. It also features Virginia Commonwealth University, sprawling Monroe Park, and The Branch Museum of Architecture and Design. The Fan is steps away from The Museum District (another highly safe neighborhood), Whole Foods Market, the Science Museum of Virginia, and the Children’s Museum of Richmond.

Bellevue — Incredibly safe, almost exclusively residential community

Crime: Total crime rates are 39 percent lower than the Richmond average, and 16 percent lower than the national average. Violent crime – 84 percent lower than the national average.
Median home price: $485,000
Great for: Retirees, families, singles.

Bellevue is easily one of Richmond’s safest neighborhoods. With crime rates significantly below the city, state, and national average, this community is somewhat of an anomaly. Although the area is primarily residential, it features several highly-rated restaurants, stores, and scenic Bryan Park. Popular places to dine out include Dots Back Inn, The Mill on MacArthur, and Northside Grille. Interstate 95 runs along the border of Bellevue, making travel a breeze.

The Museum District — Richmond’s hub for arts and culture, with an outstanding safety record

Crime: Overall crime rates are 37 percent lower than Richmond’s average, and 12 percent lower than the national average. Property crimes are four percent below the national average, and violent crimes are 55 percent lower than they are nationwide.
Median home price: $547,500
Great for: Everyone — especially those who consider themselves to be arts and culture enthusiasts.

The Museum District is exactly as it sounds — a neighborhood built around a high density of Richmond’s best museums. In this ultra safe community (where crime rates are far below city, state, and national averages in almost every category), there are also a handful of fantastic restaurants and cafes. Favorite spots include Bandito’s Burrito Lounge, Buddy’s Place, Sheppard Street Tavern, The Franklin Inn, and North End Juice Co. For the avid museum goer, don’t miss a visit to the Children’s Museum of Richmond, the Virginia Museum of History & Culture, the Science Museum of Virginia, and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

Westover Hills – Considered to be the safest neighborhood in Richmond

Crime: 36 percent lower than the City of Richmond average (11 percent below national average). Violent crime is 84 percent below the national average.
Median home price: $532,500
Great for: Retirees, families, working professionals.

Secluded, upscale, and serene, Westover Hills is one of the safest neighborhoods in all of Richmond. This community is exclusively residential, with several popular businesses (such as The Veil Brewing Co.) located minutes outside of the area. Westover Hills sits along the James River, and features acres upon acres of scenic beauty. Lush greenery and towering trees make this locale feel more like a rural neighborhood.

Byrd Park – Idyllic neighborhood surrounded by serene natural spaces

Crime: Violent crime rates are 29 percent lower than the national average.
Median home price: $372,500
Great for: Retirees, families, working professionals, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Named after the sprawling park that occupies this lovely community (William Byrd Park), Richmond’s Byrd Park neighborhood is a picturesque place to reside. Sitting on the James River, residents can frequent numerous outdoor spaces — which all offer exceptional amenities. At William Byrd Park, visitors can bask in the breathtaking scenery while enjoying walking paths, three lakes, picnic areas, sports fields, and more. Nearby, Fountain Lake & Boat Lake is another popular spot to visit. Rates of violent crime in Byrd Park are 29 lower than the national average.

Three Chopt – Tranquil suburban community located near the area’s most prestigious country club

Crime: Violent crime rates are 81 percent lower than the national average. Total crime is significantly lower than the Richmond city average.
Median home price: $570,500
Great for: Retirees, families, working professionals.

Located in western Richmond, Three Chopt is a premier suburban community. Almost fully residential, this neighborhood is upscale, supremely peaceful, and undisturbed. Locals have quick access to the exclusive Country Club of Virginia – Westhampton, the University of Richmond, Bon Secours St. Mary’s Hospital, top-rated dining, and Bandy Field Nature Park. Crime rates in Three Chopt are significantly lower (across multiple categories) than city and national averages. Within a short driving distance, residents can also reach the James River, Interstate 195, various shopping complexes, and riverfront parks.

Oxford – Wooded suburban neighborhood with upscale homes

Crime: Total crime rates are 30 percent lower than the Richmond city average.
Median home price: $361,000
Great for: Everyone — especially families

Brimming with the charm of an elite upper east coast suburb, Oxford is one of Richmond’s safest and most stunning neighborhoods. With few street lights, single lane roads, and sprawling lots, this is an ideal locale for those desiring peace and quiet. The community is draped with towering trees that give the area a secluded, wooded feel. Homes are large and equipped with ample square footage and acreage, making this a great spot for families.

Mary Munford – Picturesque suburban community featuring historic homes and a top-rated elementary school

Crime: Total crime rates are 73 percent lower than the Richmond city average.
Median home price: $350,000
Great for: Everyone — especially families

Mary Munford is an exclusive neighborhood that overflows with storybook-like charm. Located just off of the Beltline Expressway, this community is especially convenient for commuters. Occupying a relatively small area, residents enjoy an ultra-safe environment, close proximity to Mary Munford Elementary School and Playground, and several churches.

High Crime Areas of Richmond

In addition to the safest neighborhoods in Richmond, it is also worthwhile to be aware of the Richmond neighborhoods to avoid. Here are some of the high crime areas of Richmond that are known for being dangerous.

  • Hillside Court (pop: 728): Violent crime rates are 554 percent above the national average.
  • Creighton (pop: 1,085): Crime rate is 209 percent higher than the Richmond average.
  • Broad Rock (pop: 708): Overall crime rates are 60 percent higher than the total crime rate average for Richmond.

Safest Richmond Neighborhoods FAQs

Is downtown Richmond safe?

During the daytime, downtown Richmond is fairly safe. Tourists and locals can feel confident exploring the area when following common sense practices (e.g. locking your car doors, walking in groups). However, in the evening hours, the neighborhood is one of the city’s more dangerous places to walk around. Staying off the streets after 8 or 9pm is often a wise choice.

Is it safe to live in Richmond, Virginia?

Select parts of Richmond are incredibly safe. Despite the city’s overall high rates of crime, certain communities have little to no crime activity. This is true both in the center of the city, and in nearby suburban neighborhoods.

What parts of Richmond should I avoid?

Some of the least safe neighborhoods in Richmond are Hillside Court, Broad Rock, Creighton, Fairfield, Gilpin, Oakwood, Mosby, and Woodville.

What are the safest neighborhoods in Richmond?

The safest neighborhoods in Richmond are Bellevue, The Museum District, The Fan, Westover Hills, Byrd Park, and Three Chopt.

Map of Safe Neighborhoods in Richmond

Relocating to one of Richmond’s safe and secure communities? Whether traveling locally or from a long distance, our 5-star Richmond movers are ready to assist in any way that we can. Contact us today at 804-836-4954 to get started.


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