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Best Richmond VA Used Office Furniture Stores | Used 🛋️Office Furniture in Richmond

Last Updated on: 31st July 2023, 04:08 pm

Whether you’re relocating your home office or an entire company, it’s a good idea to check out some of the Richmond used office furniture stores to outfit your office with new-to-you furniture at great deals.  It’s no secret that the best way to downsize and get rid of items is by moving.  Not because you lose the items or furniture, but because you figure out what’s truly important and what really isn’t.  Just because some old office furniture isn’t any use to you, doesn’t mean it’s not any use to somebody in the Richmond area. You can donate the furniture you no longer want or use, and replace it with previously owned office desks and workstations that better meet your needs. There are a number of used office furniture stores in Richmond and facilities that you can donate or sell your unwanted, useful items to!

Benefits of Buying Used Office Furniture & Tips

Save yourself some money and limit the stress!  There are many benefits to buying pre-owned office furniture, including:

  • Discounted prices compared to new furniture
  • Save time over waiting for new furniture orders (sometimes weeks or months!)
  • Reduces your carbon footprint and is better for the environment
  • Better value and used office furnishings are still depreciable

You may be relocating and recognizing some of your office furniture’s best days is behind it.  Perhaps you are realizing that not everything is going to match quite as well as you anticipated.  Maybe you are expanding and the move is a necessary piece to the growth puzzle, but you need some good furniture to help fill the new space.  In these scenarios, you’re going to want to be familiar with the used office furniture stores in Richmond. Moving can be stressful and relocating a business comes with a price tag; you may as well see if you can save yourself some coin and reduce your stress with some beautiful discount office furniture if you can.  Keep in mind that office furniture can be depreciated under IRS Tax Code Section 179Check it out!

If you’re not the type who wants to take somebody’s hand-me-downs, but you’re still willing to save yourself some money by accepting something that looks brand new, maybe you should consider refurbished office furniture.  It’s more expensive than getting full blown used furniture, but refurbished office furniture still offers a significant savings when compared to buying all new furnishings for your office space!  In some cases, tables may be completely refinished or seats will be reupholstered.  At the end of every remanufacturing process, the furniture looks just like new – most people can’t tell any difference at all.  Just something to think about while you’re looking for used office furniture stores in Richmond…  

Let’s look at some of the places in Richmond that allows you to donate, sell, or purchase used office furniture that is in excellent shape and waiting for a new home, or office, as it were. 

Richmond Office Interiors | Refurbished American-Made Pieces

Richmond Office Interiors prides itself on having American-made products in stock at all times.  They have used office furniture, new office furniture, and refurbished furnishings from the old days.  If you’re in the market to help out your growing business, there are office cubicles available as well as Richmond Office Interiors stocks the largest selection of cubicles in central Virginia. You’ll find a regularly changing inventory with common brands like Herman Miller, Knoll, Steelcase, and Flexsteel, among others. An added bonus?  They help with space planning and have an installation crew to help.  Complete with a full showroom, you can browse during their business hours or check out a full online catalog.  If you are interested or have some questions ahead of time, Richmond Office Interiors offers an online form for communication!

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Hull Street Outlet | Military Surplus & Used Office Furniture 

It might seem like a strange combination, but Hull Street Outlet has a huge selection of military surplus equipment as well as a massive warehouse filled with both new and used office furniture.  They buy office furniture in large lots from downsizing corporations and government agencies and sell the good at a reduced cost to their customer base.  It’s nice to know the used desks, chairs, cubicles and more are quality because they’re coming from Fortune 500 companies and the United States government.  Those types of entities don’t spare any expense when it comes to furnishing their spaces for employees.  The store has a revolving and updated catalog that’s available online, with favorite office furniture brands like Global Furniture Group, Allsteel, Teknion, and HON. You can fill out a contact form if you have questions or comments but don’t feel like calling.

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Richmond Habitat Restore | Donate or Buy Used Office Furniture

Habitat for Humanity has been opening these Restores throughout the nation in an effort to both help families and businesses in need as well as providing jobs for less fortunate people looking for employment.  The Restore policies can be reviewed on their website so that you know what you can and cannot bring for donation.  While Restore can’t explicitly accept corporate office furniture, they accept most anything from a home office.  If you’re looking to refurnish your home or corporate office and save some money while doing it, remember that you can write off anything you donate to Restore during tax season.

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Class and Trash at Scott’s Addition | Weird, Cool, Funky Furniture

Scott’s is known for having antiques and vintage office furniture,  but that’s not all they have for sale.  With a huge collection of odd and funky furniture from all around the country, Scott’s prides themselves on carrying products and furnitures the “other guys” don’t!  If you’re looking for something that will appeal to your inner 70’s child, you might find it here.  If you’re looking for something that calls to your wild 80’s teen, you might find it here.  If you’re looking for something… you get the picture. You never know what brands you’ll find at Scott’s – but you’re likely to see some of the common brands like Haworth, Knoll, and AIS, along with brands you’ve never heard before. Scott’s is willing to barter, buy, trade, and sell.  The inventory changes too rapidly for an accurate online catalog, so you’ll just have to stop in!

Info and Hours

Sparkman Furniture Services Inc. | Modular Furniture Installation

Sparkman Furniture Services, Inc. is more than a second hand furniture store in Richmond –  they also offer a wide variety of furniture services including office furniture and modular furniture installation, office space reconfiguration, custom casework and millwork,  fabric office partition and upholstery cleaning, furniture relocation and moving services, furniture removal and disposal, and warehouse services. They also have a variety of used furniture for sale and they advertise it right on their website so you can see if they have the U shaped desk or L shaped desk you need to fit your space.  If you’re looking to move your business in the Richmond area, you can request a quote from Sparkman to help you get things set up optimally in your new space using their online form.

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Commonwealth Business Furniture | Wide Variety of Used Office Furniture

Commonwealth Business Furniture inventory includes used workstations, telemarketing stations, conference table and chairs, file cabinets, desks, and seating. If you’re looking to downsize your existing office furniture, Commonwealth Business Furniture buys office furniture for resale as well. The store offers delivery services for your convenience.

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Richmond Used Office Furniture Map

Buying used office furniture, or even refurbished office furniture, can save you a ton of hassle and money in the long run.  You’ve got enough to worry about with your upcoming Richmond office move!  As the top Richmond office movers, we can help with the moving services and would be happy to make an extra pit stop to donate or pick up new furniture for your office space.  Whether we’re talking home office or commercial space, all our clients will be treated with the same level of professionalism you’d expect from a reputable moving company like ours! Give us a call today at ​​804-836-4954.


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