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Best Private Schools in Richmond, VA

Private Schools in Richmond VA 🎓 | Best Private Elementary & High Schools in Richmond

Last Updated on: 2nd November 2023, 02:37 pm

Are you thinking about moving to the beautiful area of Richmond, VA? Schools in Richmond are highly-rated, and Richmond is home to some of the best private schools in Virginia. To help you find the #1 private school for your children, we recommend doing your research and creating a list of requirements that the school needs before making a final decision. A few examples of what the list could include are:

  • Classroom size
  • Accreditation
  • Student to teacher ratio
  • Test scores
  • STEM or STEAM programs
  • Athletic programs
  • AP participation rate
  • College readiness measures
  • Clubs

Best Private Schools In Richmond

Richmond schools are one of the kind, and private schools in Richmond, VA, are very common. These types of schools go above and beyond to provide higher education, preparing students for college and giving them the necessary tools and experience to transition into the real world. Here are the top private school options in Richmond.

Grove Christian Academy | Christian Leadership Academy

Grades: PK-12th
Address: 8701 Ridge Rd, Richmond, VA 23229
Phone: (804) 741-2860
Enrollment: 193
Tuition: For JK, the tuition is $6,900, K-4th is $7,900, 5th-6th is $8,300, 6th-8th is $8,600, and for $8,900 per year. There are additional fees on top of the yearly tuition rates, so keep that in mind.

With 44 years of education experience and 13 years of being a fully accredited Christian school through ACSI, Grove Christian is known for being a “21st Century Leadership Academy” and is working on creating a better tomorrow. They have three values that they hold onto as they teach the young men and women who attend the school: Christ-Centered community, high level of academics, and experience.

Their sports teams are award-winning, and some of the most popular ones to join include Baseball, Basketball, Golf, Volleyball, Swim & Dive, Soccer, and Track & Field. Each year, the school provides a written report to the current families, but they also add it to the website for prospective families.

St. Catherine’s School | A Private Girls’ School In Richmond, VA

  • Grades: Preschool-12th
  • Address: 6001 Grove Ave, Richmond, VA 23226
  • Phone: (804) 288-2804
  • Enrollment: 943
  • Tuition: The tuition for preschool and JK is $17,995, Kindergarten is $23,500, 1st-2nd is $24,800, 3rd-4th is $25,950, 5th-8th is $28,450, and 9th-12th is $30,750. There is financial assistance for those who need help.

As a premier all-girl institution, St. Catherine’s is an Episcopal school in Richmond. One of the reasons why St. Catherine’s stands out in the community is because recent studies show that girls who attend school in an all-girl school are more likely to get a doctorate, go into engineering, and overall have more self-confidence and interests. You will need to apply for admissions before attending St. Catherine’s School.

A few of the many accreditations that St. Catherine’s School has includes the National Association of Independent Schools and the National Association of Episcopal Schools.

When it comes to stats that make St. Catherine’s stand out, according to their website, some examples include: “126 colleges, 17 national merit designations, 211 AP scholar designation, 48 graduates playing in college sports, 10,000+ hours of community service completed, and 5,200+ alumnae.” Students have gone on to attend prestigious colleges and universities like Harvard, Howard University, John Hopkins University, the Naval Academy, NYU, Duke, and Stanford.

St. Christopher’s School | A Private Boys’ School In Richmond

  • Grades: Jk-12th
  • Address: 711 St Christopher’s Rd, Richmond, VA 23226
  • Phone: (804) 282-3185
  • Enrollment: 1,002
  • Tuition: The tuition for JK is $18,100, Kindergarten is $24,475, 1st-2nd is $25,125, 3rd-5th is $27,325, 6th-8th is $29,100, and 9th-12th is $20,950. But on average, there is a $15,168 financial aid package given to a student in need.

With 150 courses to choose from, 231 AP Scholars, and smaller class sizes, St. Christopher’s is on a mission to create leaders for a better tomorrow. According to their website, “St. Christopher’s is a committed global leader in understanding, engaging, and teaching boys effectively.”

With its rigorous academic courses, sports teams, after-school arts program, and electives to help broaden understanding and skill set, the school is preparing these young men to thrive after graduation and getting their diploma.


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Trinity Episcopal School | First International Baccalaureate World School In Richmond

  • Grades: 8th-12th
  • Address: 3850 Pittaway Dr, Richmond, VA 23235
  • Phone: (804) 272-5864
  • Enrollment: 512
  • Tuition: The tuition for each of the grade levels is $26,550, but each student will receive a free Macbook laptop when they start at Trinity for the duration of their time at the school. There are additional fees based on the textbooks and trips.

With 25+ years of education, Trinity Episcopal School is known for being the first International Baccalaureate World School in Richmond, VA. They are on a mission to help students expand their knowledge, get to know their unique skill sets, and learn how to work as a team. All while being challenged with the academic curriculum–the rigorous courses help to set the students up for success in college and life afterward.

Something that helps to make Trinity Episcopal School stand out (besides being an International Baccalaureate) is that they offer things like Junior Work Week to help students find a career that aligns with their dreams and aspirations. They have everything from AP classes to technology, science, world languages, performing arts, visual arts, English, math, and social studies.

Collegiate School | Accredited Private School With STEAM Classes

  • Grades: PK-12th
  • Address: 103 N Mooreland Rd, Richmond, VA 23229
  • Phone: (804) 740-7077
  • Enrollment: 1,616
  • Tuition: The tuition per year is dependent upon the grade level. For JK the tuition per year is $17,660, for K-1st it’s $23,970, 2nd-4th is $24,450, 5th-8th is $27,580, and then 9th-12th is $29,630. There is financial assistance based on a need-basis and a merit-based if needed.

The core values of Collegiate are ” honor, love of learning, excellence, respect, and community.” They hold their students to a high standard for both academic and personal life and are on a mission to enhance their leadership and intellectual growth.

Collegiate incorporates STEAM classes throughout the JK-12th grades and offers a variety of after-school curriculum like sports, theater, choral music, woodworking, painting, dance, photography, and graphic design. And the school has accreditations through the Southern Association of Independent Schools, AdvanceED, and the Virginia Association of Independent Schools.


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The Steward School | Richmond Private High School With Entrepreneurship Classes

  • Grades: JK-12th
  • Address: 11600 Gayton Rd, Richmond, VA 23238
  • Phone: (804) 740-3394
  • Enrollment: 710
  • Tuition: The estimated total tuition rates per year are different based on the grade level. For JK, it’s $20,753, for K-5th the tuition is $28,970, for middle school, the tuition is $29,665, and the tuition for high school is $30,846. But there are additional fees that can increase the total cost for that school year, like a school trip and the necessary laptop for high school.

Since 1972, The Steward School has been on a mission to provide high-quality, one-of-a-kind education that prepares its students for success outside the classroom.

A few things that make The Steward School stand out are that they have an Innovation Lab to help inspire the next generation to imagine and build, entrepreneurship studies, technology classes, and CAL tutors available.

There’s a variety of after-school activities that students can participate in, like music, theatre, visual arts, and sports.

Church Hill Academy | Fully Accredited Christian School

  • Grades: 9-12th
  • Address: 2010 Carlisle Ave, Richmond, VA 23231
  • Phone: (804) 222-8760
  • Enrollment: 56
  • Tuition: The initial tuition is around $17,000 per year, but each student receives a partial or full tuition scholarship because of the donors.

Church Hill Academy is a fully accredited private high school, they are on a mission to provide its students with a top-notch education.

As a diverse private Christian school in Richmond, VA, Church Hill Academy offers a variety of opportunities to help its students become the best version of themselves and set them up for success after high school. They have everything from college & career advising, clubs, athletics, career fairs, and workforce development.

Veritas School | Best Private School In Richmond

  • Grades: JK-12th
  • Address: 3400 Brook Rd, Richmond, VA 23227
  • Phone: (804) 272-9517
  • Enrollment: 656
  • Tuition: The yearly tuition for JK is $3,940, for K-2nd it’s $13,335, then for 3rd-6th the tuition is $14,060, and then 7th-12th the yearly tuition is $14,760. There are additional fees for items like uniforms, but the field trips (most of them) and the textbooks are included with the tuition cost.

Known for being the best private school in Richmond, VA, Veritas provides classical Christian education and has been around since 2000. Now, you might be wondering what classical education entails, so check out this video that Veritas made to answer that question!

According to its website, Veritas is unique and different when compared to other private schools in the Richmond area because according to their website, its mission is: “Being Richmond’s only JK-12th classical, Christian school, we focus not only on what children learn but who they are becoming.”

If you’re looking for a top-rated, faith-based school that focuses both on education and personal development, then Veritas is a great choice!

Richmond Schools FAQ

What are the best Richmond private schools?

The best private schools in Richmond, VA, include Grove Christian Academy, St. Catherine’s School, St. Christopher’s School, Trinity Episcopal School, Collegiate School, The Steward School, Church Hill Academy, and Veritas School.

Are Richmond private schools good?

Yes! The private schools in Richmond are good and some of the best in the state! According to ABC News 8, Collegiate & St. Christopher’s School ranks in the top 15 private schools in the state of Virginia.

How many private schools are in Richmond, VA?

There are 56 private schools in Richmond. And parents feel confident sending their children to one of these Richmond private schools.

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