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What’s it Like Living in West Point VA? 🏬 | What to Know Before Moving to West Point

Last Updated on: 6th October 2023, 05:35 pm

Not to be confused with the military academy, West Point is a picturesque town in eastern Virginia. West Point has been a Native American village, a plantation, and a popular railroad town. The town was incorporated in 1870 and was a thriving commercial port and resort destination until the early 20th century when its port status began to decline. Today, West Point is known for its low crime rates, top-rated schools, and friendly residents. As such, West Point is a good place to live. Learn everything you need to know about moving to West Point.

Where Is West Point?

West Point is in King William County and is almost completely surrounded by water. The York River is formed at West Point by the confluence of the Mattaponi and Pamunkey rivers. West Point also separates the Virginia Peninsula and Middle Peninsula regions of eastern Virginia.

There are many day trip opportunities when living in West Point. It is 38.6 miles from West Point VA to Richmond VA, and 66.6 miles from West Point VA to Norfolk VA.

West Point Population & Demographics

The West Point VA population is 3,364, which is a 16% increase since 2010. West Point is also a part of the Richmond, VA metropolitan area, which has a population of 1.31 million. This metro area has seen a population growth of over 10% in the past decade, which has led to an economic boom and many new attractions popping up in the area.

Many people move to West Point to settle down and escape the hustle and bustle of the city. The median age in West Point is 42.9 and 75% of the 1,340 households are occupied by married couples.

Additional West Point Demographics:

  • Sex ratio: 51% female, 49% male
  • Racial and ethnic composition: 84.0% White (78% non-Hispanic), 7.0% Black or African American, 5.0% Asian, 4.0% two or more races
  • Median household income: $80,300 (compared to the Virginia average of $80,615)
  • Educational attainment: 88.0% high school degree (or higher), 32.0% bachelor’s degree (or higher)
  • Foreign-born population: 5.7%

One notable person from the town of West Point is Lewis Puller, who was one of the most highly decorated officers in the history of the Marine Corps.

Before moving to West Point, you will want to explore the town’s crime rate. The overall West Point crime rate is 1,231 crimes per 100,000 people, which is 26.1% lower than the state average and 47.5% lower than the national average. The violent crime rate is 121 crimes per 100,000 people, which is 53.3% lower than the state average and 69% lower than the national average. The property crime rate is 985 crimes per 100,000 people, which is 32.4% lower than the state average and 49.7% lower than the national average.

As you can see, West Point is a very safe place to live with crime rates that are well below both the state and national averages. West Point is protected by the West Point Police Department, which is the smallest accredited police department in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Cost of Living in West Point VA

West Point is a very affordable place to live. The West Point Cost of Living Index is 92.9, making it 11.3% more affordable than the state average and 7.1% more affordable than the national average. This is very impressive due to West Point’s close proximity to major cities such as Richmond and Norfolk.

According to the Economic Policy Institute, a family of four would need to earn $89,990 per year to afford to live in West Point.

Typical West Point Living Expenses

  • Gallon of gas: $3.26
  • Gallon of milk: $2.29
  • Bunch of bananas: $3.16
  • Hamburger: $4.83
  • Cell phone bill: $198.40
  • Average West Point utilities per month: $184.42

Source: PayScale

Are you thinking about searching for homes for sale in West Point, VA? The West Point, VA real estate market is slowing down. According to Redfin, West Point real estate is selling for an average of $260,000. This is down 29.9% from last year and is lower than the national average of $416,100.

Would you prefer apartments in West Point, VA? The average rent in West Point is $1,126 per month, which is lower than both the national average ($1,702) and the nearby city of Richmond ($1,476).

West Point Neighborhoods | Where to Live in West Point

West Point is not sectioned off into distinctive neighborhoods, but there are still many great places to live in the area. If you prefer a walkable area, then you may want to consider the West Point Historic District. This area is notable for its variety of houses built during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Main Street runs directly through this neighborhood and is home to over 75 different businesses and historic buildings.

The western edge of the town is one of the best places to live in West Point for those who enjoy apartment living. Academy Apartments, King William Village Apartments, and Winter’s Point Apartments are all in this area. This part of town borders the Pamunkey River and is near many fun attractions, such as the West Point Country Club and the Van Den Boogaard Center.

West Point VA Weather & Climate

The weather in West Point, VA is characterized by hot and humid summers and cold winters (per the Köppen Classification). Over the course of the year, the West Point temperature varies from 30ºF to 89ºF.

West Point Climate Statistics:

  • West Point annual rainfall: 45 inches
  • West Point annual snowfall: 9 inches
  • Best time of year to visit West Point: mid-May to early June and late August to mid-October

Things to Do in West Point

When living in West Point, you’ll have access to grocery stores such as Food Lion and Westpoint One Stop. And you can shop till you drop at the West Point Square Shopping Center. Check out these fun things to do in West Point, VA after moving to the area.

Beach Park

Located on the southern tip of West Point, Beach Park offers gorgeous views and sandy areas for you and your children to play in.

402 1st St, West Point, VA 23181, 804-843-4363

West Point Town Park

West Point Town Park is located in the heart of the historic district and hosts fun events throughout the year. There are also a few playgrounds and grassy areas for children to play in.

Between 8th and, 9th St, West Point, VA 23181, 804-843-3330

West Point Landing

West Point Landing is typically less crowded than the previous two attractions but is still one of the best things to do in West Point. This park contains paved walking trails and riverfront views.

West Point, VA 23181

Additional West Point Attractions

Still not sure what to do in West Point? You can check out the town’s calendar for upcoming events in the area. The King William Parks and Recreation Department also runs several parks and sports leagues in and around West Point.

West Point Restaurants

You can’t miss out on these restaurants in West Point, VA!

Blue Crab Restaurant

Located in the heart of the Historic District, Blue Crab Restaurant is one of the most popular West Point, Virginia, restaurants. Stop by for delicious and fresh seafood and drinks!

620 Main St, West Point, VA 23181, 804-843-7070

Anna’s Italian Restaurant

When searching for restaurants in West Point, Anna’s Italian should be at the top of your list! This casual joint serves up sandwiches, pizza, and pasta. They even have an outdoor seating area!

3040 King William Ave, West Point, VA 23181, 804-843-7474

Lovell’s Place

Lovell’s Place is the perfect place for a casual date night, a family night out, or a destination to watch the big game. This family-friendly pub is complete with tasty American food, refreshing drinks, live music, pool, and darts.

3184 King William Ave, West Point, VA 23181, 804-843-4121

Jobs in West Point VA

Are you searching for West Point jobs? The town of West Point employs about 1,690 employees, most of which are in retail and sales positions. West Point has a primarily local market, and according to the city’s official website, only 2% of customers in West Point are from places outside of a one-hour drive time of West Point.

West Point is often split into two separate trade areas: Primary and Secondary. The combined trade area for West Point has a population of 20,249. The median income for the Primary Trade Area is $46,093, and $54,087 for the Secondary Trade Area. According to PayScale, the average salary in West Point is $55,000.

If you would rather commute to work, there are many options in the Richmond area. Richmond is home to many Fortune 500 companies, such as Dominion Energy, Genworth Financial, and Altria Group.

To browse West Point, VA, jobs, search on Indeed or check out the town’s job board.

West Point Schools

Rather than a West Point school district, the town has a school division. This is the name for a school district in Virginia. Students living in West Point are served by the West Point Public Schools division. This division contains an elementary school, a middle school, and a high school. The latter two schools are in the same building. West Point Elementary was ranked by US News as the 13th best elementary school in all of Virginia, and West Point High School was ranked the 19th best high school in the Richmond metro area.


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When you send your student to a West Point public school, you can rest assured that they will get individual attention. Here are a few statistics to consider:

  • West Point Elementary: 335 students, student-to-teacher ratio of 13:1
  • West Point Middle School: 469 students, student-to-teacher ratio of 13:1
  • West Point High School: 275 students, student-to-teacher of 12:1

Students living in West Point have access to the West Point Branch Library.

West Point Statistics & Information

  • County: King William
  • West Point area: 6.66 square miles
  • West Point zip code: 23181
  • West Point area code: 804
  • West Point elevation: 62 feet
  • West Point time zone: Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5)
  • Closest airport to West Point: Richmond International Airport (RIC), 32.8 miles away

West Point VA Map

Discover all there is to do with this map of West Point, VA.

Is living in West Point a good move for you? Ready to start moving to West Point? Let the best West Point movers assist you. Call On The Fly Moving Guys today at 804-836-4954!


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