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Living in Waverly VA 👪 | What to Know Before Moving to the Town of Waverly Virginia

Last Updated on: 13th August 2023, 10:09 pm

Waverly is an incorporated town in Sussex County, Virginia, known for its rural location and general quietness. Legend has it that the wife of a well-respected local politician who built the vital Norfolk Southern railway system named this little town after a location in the 19th century novel Ivanhoe. Today, Waverly is a historically black suburban area that is primarily residential. Living in Waverly has all the charms of relaxed life in rural Virginia and is a good place to live!


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Where is Waverly, VA?

Waverly is in Sussex County, located some distance southeast of Richmond and northwest of Chesapeake and Virginia Beach. Waverly is located within the Richmond, VA metro area, and does not have any neighboring communities on its borders. The distance from Waverly, VA to Petersburg, VA is 22 miles, while the distance from Waverly, VA to Richmond, VA is 46 miles.

Waverly, VA Population & Demographics

The population of Waverly is 2,696, distributed over 3.1 miles at a population density of about 900 people per square mile. The median age here is 35.2, and 2.9% of residents are foreign-born, all of whom come from Latin America. 12.9% of Waverly’s population has a bachelor’s degree or higher certification.

Celebrities and notable people in Waverly include people like actor Warren Beatty, as well as a long list of important historical Virginia politicians.

The demographics of Waverly’s population are fairly homogeneous at 71% Black or African American and 19% White. Waverly’s sex ratio is fairly heavily weighted towards men, at 56%.

Is Waverly Safe?

You’ll be relieved to know that Waverly is a safe community to live in! Waverly’s overall crime rate is 58% lower than national average, with 983 crimes annually per 100,000 people. The property crime rate is 58% lower than the national average, while the violent crime rate is 60% lower, with not a single murder reported in the town in 2020. The community of Waverly is served by the Sussex County Sheriff’s Office.

Average Rent & Homes for Sale in Waverly, VA

Despite the small size of Waverly, it is a town with a wide variety of real estate for a variety of prices, suitable for most anyone. Properties here vary from townhouses to newly-constructed suburban houses. The median home price in Waverly is $275,000, which is lower than the average Virginia home price of $295,500.

42% of Waverly residents rent their residences. According to RentCafe, the average rent in Waverly and nearby areas is around $1,100 per month for about 1,100 sq. ft.

If you want to make yourself a part of this community, you should check out the latest listings for homes for sale in Waverly, VA.

Things to Do in Waverly

Want to know about the best things to do in Waverly, VA? A wide variety of typically rural shopping experiences will be available to you, such as at Adams’ Peanuts! You should also check out some of the best things to do in Waverly, VA below.

Big Woods Wildlife Management Area

Explore a pine-studded nature preserve that also offers hunting during the right seasons!

32775 Cedar Sign Post Rd, Wakefield, VA 23888, United States, (804) 367-1000

Sussex County Young Men’s Athletic Club

Intent on playing some sports while in Waverly? You’ll want to stop by this excellent athletic park, with all manner of sports fields and amenities!

423 W Main St, Waverly, VA 23890, United States

Hampton Roads Winery

Try the best wines in Sussex County at the nearby Hampton Roads Winery!

6074 New Design Rd, Elberon, VA 23846, United States, (757) 899-0203

Waverly, VA Additional Attractions:

Waverly is served by the Sussex County parks & recreation department. See all the events that are planned in Waverly with the Waverly community calendar.

Waverly, VA Restaurants

Waverly may be small, but there’s still plenty of restaurants that deserve to be checked out in the area! Check out some of the best places to eat in Waverly, Virginia below.

Pino’s Pizza

A favorite of Waverly residents, this local pizza place has the best of this classic Italian-American dish in town!

101 S County Dr, Waverly, VA 23890, United States, (804) 834-8880

China Kitchen

What town would be complete without a Chinese restaurant? Thankfully, Waverly has its own excellent example!

109 W Main St, Waverly, VA 23890, United States, (804) 834-8140

La Reina Mexican Grill

If you want excellent dishes from Central America in Waverly, look no further than La Reina!

314 W Main St, Waverly, VA 23890, United States, (804) 676-0038

Jobs in Waverly, VA

Waverly is a small place, and that means that most employment here is concentrated outside of the town, but there are still plenty of opportunities here! The most popular positions in Waverly are Nursing Home Administrator, Correctional Officer, and Nurse Practitioner. The average salary for a worker in Waverly is $78k a year, while the average hourly wage is $22.00, according to Payscale.

See the latest openings for jobs in Waverly here.

Waverly, VA Schools

Waverly is served by the Sussex County Public School District, which maintains three schools and has about 1,000 students. Of the schools in the Waverly area, the most notable are the Sussex Elementary School, Sussex Central Middle School, and Sussex Central High School. While a bit sparse on options, we’re certain you’ll be satisfied with education in Waverly.

Students and others residing in Waverly are served by the Waverly branch of the Blackwater Regional Library.

Waverly, VA Statistics & Information

  • Located in Sussex County
  • Waverly Area: 3.08 square miles
  • Waverly Zip Codes: 23890-23891
  • Waverly Area Codes: 804
  • Waverly Elevation: 112’
  • Waverly Time Zone: Eastern Standard Zone (EST)
  • Closest airport to Waverly, VA: Wakefield Municipal Airport, (KAKQ) 6.3 miles from Waverly

Map of Waverly, VA

Explore Waverly’s large variety of things to do, places to eat, and more with this map!

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