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Living in Fredericksburg VA 🌞 | COMPLETE Moving to Fredericksburg Guide

Last Updated on: 13th August 2023, 10:00 pm

Nestled along the banks of the Rappahannock River, Fredericksburg, Virginia is not only a wonderful place to live but a piece of American history. Named after Frederick, Prince of Wales, it was first founded in 1728 and later incorporated in 1781. Fredericksburg is famous for being a significant port during the colonial era, the boyhood home of George Washington, and the site of major battles during the Civil War; the city played a massive role in the development of the United States.

Today, Fredericksburg is a good place to live. It is thriving city, home to the University of Mary Washington, stunning residential neighborhoods, top area attractions, shopping complexes, and scenic parks. Thinking about moving to Fredericksburg in the coming months? Learn everything you need to know about this highly-desirable Virginia city.

Where is Fredericksburg?

Fredericksburg is not located in a county, since it is officially an independent city. Instead, the city is considered part of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Sitting along Interstate 95, Fredericksburg is about equidistant from Richmond (located to the south) and Washington DC (located to the north). The city sits on the Rappahannock River, which flows along the northern and eastern edges of the area. Fredericksburg is a little more than 10 miles away from the Potomac River, as well as several nature preserves and parks.

Looking for drive times to nearby locales? Fredericksburg to Richmond is a 60 mile trip, and it is 52.3 miles from Fredericksburg to Washington DC. For those looking to take a weekend trip, Fredericksburg VA to NYC is a 277 mile drive along Interstate 95.

Fredericksburg Population & Demographics

According to the 2020 US Census, the population of Fredericksburg, VA is 28,027, which equals a population density of 2,681.9 people per square mile. Over the last decade, the population has climbed steadily by about 15%!

Across multiple centuries, famous and notable individuals have lived in Fredericksburg. One of its earliest residents was the first President of the United States, George Washington. The fifth President of the United States, James Monroe, also resided in town. Other well-known Fredericksburg residents have included Judge Reinhold (actor), Danny McBride (actor), and Caressa Cameron (Miss America 2010).

Fredericksburg Demographics:

  • Percentage of men vs. women: 54% female, 46% male
  • Median age: 30.7 years
  • Racial and ethnic composition: 61.9% White (58% non-Hispanic), 20.7% Black or African American, 11.3% Hispanic, 9.6% two or more races, and 3.5% Asian
  • Median household income: $72,293
  • Educational attainment: 91.1% high school diploma (or higher), 42.7% bachelor’s degree (or higher)
  • Foreign-born population: 10.4% 

Fredericksburg is a safe place to live, but has higher than average crime rates. As reported in the latest FBI crime figures, Fredericksburg has a total crime rate that is 33% higher than the national average (and even higher than the Virginia state average), while violent crime is only 2% higher than the national average. Protecting the population of Fredericksburg are the officers with the Fredericksburg Police Department.

Cost of Living in Fredericksburg

Living in Fredericksburg is affordable. The Fredericksburg composite Cost of Living Index (COLI) is 108.2. Since the U.S. average COLI is 100, the cost of living in Fredericksburg is only 8.2% higher. This is especially impressive due to the city’s close proximity to expensive places to live, such as Washington DC.

According to the Economic Policy Institute, a family of four would need to earn $96,984 per year to afford to live in Fredericksburg, VA.

Typical Fredericksburg Living Expenses:

  • Average Fredericksburg, VA utilities per month: $142.41
  • Meal for two at a mid-range restaurant: $60
  • Preschool or private kindergarten: $776.67 per month per child
  • Gym membership: $50 per month
  • Internet: $53.75 per month

Source: Numbeo

Thinking about buying a home while planning on moving to Fredericksburg? According to the latest data from Redfin, the Fredericksburg median home price is $406,500. This figure is lower than the U.S. median home sale price of $428,700. This makes living in Fredericksburg especially affordable for those who wish to purchase a house. Looking at the latest data, 32% of homes in Fredericksburg sell for above the list price, with the area being categorized as a somewhat competitive market. Explore Fredericksburg, VA homes for sale.

Prefer to rent while living in Fredericksburg? The average Fredericksburg rent cost is $1,764 per month for a 967 square foot apartment.

Fredericksburg Neighborhoods | Where to Live in Fredericksburg

Thinking about what neighborhood you should live in before moving to Fredericksburg? Exploring the area’s top residential communities is the best way to find a locale that will meet your specific needs and preferences. Below are three neighborhoods that we recommend for newcomers.

Leeland Station — Newer suburban development with ample charm

Close to top amenities and featuring some of the area’s newest builds, Leeland Station is a cozy suburban development. Adorned with one and two-story single-family homes that boast ample space, this is a wonderful place for families. Located minutes off Highway 1, accessing the rest of Fredericksburg is effortless.

Falmouth — Serene, wooded, and suburban

Directly north of the Rappahannock River, discover the tranquility and seclusion of Falmouth. This neighborhood is excellent for those who want to stay close to top conveniences and amenities yet who want to reside in a quiet area surrounded by nature.

Downtown Fredericksburg — Bustling center of it all

Looking to reside amongst the best shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues in Fredericksburg? Look no further than Downtown Fredericksburg. Brimming with history and charm, as well as some of the city’s top establishments, this neighborhood is walkable, filled with historic architecture, and offers an unmatched small-town vibe.

Fredericksburg VA Weather & Climate

As designated by the Köppen classification, Fredericksburg has a humid subtropical climate. This means that the city experiences hot and muggy summers, along with cold and snowy winters. During the peak of winter, the average high temperature is 46°F (January). In the middle of summer, the average daily high in Fredericksburg is 89°F (July). Fredericksburg receives approximately 43 inches of rain annually and an average of 16 inches of snowfall per year.

Things to Do in Fredericksburg

During the year, there are ample things for residents to do in Fredericksburg. Explore some of the area’s most popular things to do and see.

Planning to go shopping? Enjoy the convenience of residing near the Central Park Plaza, the Fredericksburg Shopping Center, and Spotsylvania Towne Centre.

John Lee Pratt Park

Located directly along the riverfront, John Lee Pratt Park features a wide array of amenities for its visitors to enjoy. Any day of the week, swing by this sprawling outdoor space to utilize its tennis courts, disc golf course, soccer fields, walking paths, and much more. This park is also dog-friendly, so feel free to bring Fido along with you.

120 River Rd, Fredericksburg, VA 22405, 540-658-5019.

James Monroe Museum and Memorial Library

Serving as one of the most historic buildings in Fredericksburg this museum and memorial library offers educational exhibits and tours that center around James Monroe, the country’s 5th president.

908 Charles St, Fredericksburg, VA 22401, 540-654-1043.

Fun Land of Fredericksburg

Searching for some high adrenaline family fun? Boasting fast-paced go-karts, a thrilling climbing wall, and an arcade, Fun Land is a wonderful family friendly place for kids and their parents to spend the day.

1351 Central Park Blvd, Fredericksburg, VA 22401, 540-386-1351.

Additional Attractions in Fredericksburg

There are plenty of added things to do in Fredericksburg, VA. The Fredericksburg Parks and Recreation department routinely hosts classes and events for residents of all ages. You can also check the Fredericksburg events calendar to explore upcoming events in the area!

Fredericksburg Restaurants

Fredericksburg — especially Downtown Fredericksburg — has a wonderful reputation for its fantastic restaurants. Spanning a wide variety of cuisines, you’ll never get bored with the establishments this city has to offer!


Acclaimed for its authentic Italian fare and upscale ambiance, Orofino is a must-try restaurant in Fredericksburg. Known for its high-end entrees that exude flavor, house-made pizzas, and outstanding wines, this is a perfect spot for a date night or special celebration.

1006 Caroline St, Fredericksburg, VA 22401, 540-373-1352.

Brock’s Riverside Grill

The views don’t get much better than they do at Brock’s Riverside Grill. As its name suggests, diners can soak in impressive waterfront vistas while eating classic American dishes.

503 Sophia St, Fredericksburg, VA 22401, 540-370-1820.

Vivify Burger & Lounge

Planning to eat downtown? Look no further than Vivify Burger & Lounge. Eclectic in its theming and offerings, visitors can expect to enjoy grass-fed, locally-sourced patties, locally-baked buns, and a host of unique toppings when ordering a burger.

314 William St, Fredericksburg, VA 22401, 540-656-2500.

Jobs in Fredericksburg

Fredericksburg has the unique distinction of offering a wide variety of jobs across industries. Whether in education, retail, or the medical field, there is something for everyone. Top employers include Mary Washington Hospital, Healthcare & Affiliates, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the City of Fredericksburg & Public School System.

According to the latest data from PayScale, the average hourly wage in Fredericksburg, VA is $17.74, and the average annual salary is $66,000. If you are moving to the city and are job hunting, take a look at the current jobs in Fredericksburg. The city also updates a jobs board that lists current police, social services, state, and employment commission opportunities. 

Fredericksburg Schools

Public schools in Fredericksburg, VA are part of the Fredericksburg City School system. Top schools in the area include Chancellor Elementary School and Riverbend High School. If you’re interested in enrolling in a higher education program, the University of Mary Washington is located in Fredericksburg. The Central Rappahannock Regional Library serves residents and students of Fredericksburg.

Fredericksburg Statistics & Information

  • County: None (Independent city)
  • Fredericksburg, VA area: 10.52 square miles
  • Fredericksburg, VA zip code: 22401
  • Fredericksburg, VA area code: 540
  • Fredericksburg, VA elevation: 59 feet
  • Fredericksburg, VA time zone: Eastern (EST)
  • Closest airport to Fredericksburg, VA: Stafford Regional Airport (RMN), located in town

Fredericksburg, VA Map

Discover all there is to do and explore while in Fredericksburg, VA:

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