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moving to chesterfield va

Top Moving to Chesterfield VA Tips [2024] | 🏡 What’s Living in Chesterfield Like?

Last Updated on: 12th August 2023, 12:15 pm

Nestled between the Appomattox and James Rivers lies the CDP of Chesterfield, Virginia. Also known as Chesterfield Court House, the peaceful community of Chesterfield is a suburb of Richmond and is the county seat of Chesterfield County. Along with being a lovely area to settle down in or retire, Chesterfield is known for its natural beauty and rich history that has been beautifully preserved over the last several centuries. The friendly and welcoming residents of Chesterfield further get to enjoy the community’s numerous amenities, historic programs and activities, delicious family-owned restaurants, and remarkable school system.

After the community of Chesterfield was created in 1749, the historic colonial Courthouse in Chesterfield was built shortly after and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Now a peaceful suburban area, Chesterfield has resided numerous notable people such as NASCAR driver, Denny Hamlin, and the actor Devin Druid who’s best known as Tyler in the TV series 13 Reasons Why. Nonetheless, Chesterfield makes for an ideal, charming home for those who seek close proximity to the state capital while still being able to avoid the big-city hustle and bustle.

Chesterfield, VA Population and Demographics

The population of Chesterfield is about 4,082 according to the 2020 census. It’s part of Chesterfield County, one of the fastest growing regions in Virginia. The community has a median household income of $77,378, well above the U.S> median of $53,482. The racial and ethnic composition of the community is 70% white, 24% Black or African American, 3.5% Hispanic, and 1.5% Asian.

Chesterfield is a safe place to live with crime well below the national average. While living in Chesterfield, you will be served by the Chesterfield County Police Department.

Cost of Living in Chesterfield, VA

According to the Economic Policy Institute, a family of four in Chesterfield County should be making at least $93,857 to live comfortably and budget-friendly. With its real estate and cost of living below the state and national average, Chesterfield is an overall affordable place to live. The unincorporated community of Chesterfield has a sales tax of 5.3% and an income tax of 5.8%– a bit above the U.S. average of 4.6%. As stated by Redfin, Chesterfield has a current median house price of $250,000. If signing a lease is on your list of plans, Chesterfield has an average monthly rent of $1,471 on Rentcafe.

Chesterfield, VA Everyday Expenses:

The following prices from Payscale are based on the nearby community of Chester, VA. Considering this, the prices below are similar but may not equal the exact prices in Chesterfield.

  • Phone bill— $189.98
  • Gas— $2.40
  • A gallon of milk— $1.71
  • Dozen eggs— $1.60
  • Doctor’s visit— $119.46

Chesterfield, VA Neighborhoods | Where to Live in Chesterfield, VA

The unincorporated community of Chesterfield has an assortment of different house styles including colonial, split-level, ranch, and much more. Many homes in Chesterfield are elegantly historical as well as modernly suburban. Towards the east of Chesterfield, you’ll run into neighborhoods like Courthouse Woods which features many cozy and affordable homes that are near the community’s shopping center. The eastern half of Chesterfield is more sparse, tree-covered, and provides very close access to the Pocahontas State Park.

For when you’re commuting to the big city, the distance from Chesterfield to Richmond is 20 miles which will take you north on the road for just over 20 minutes. If you’re hoping to settle, you can browse the internet for homes for sale in Chesterfield Court House, VA. Wherever you end up, all neighborhoods in Chesterfield will provide proximity to the busier city while still retaining small-town ambiance and natural beauty.

Chesterfield, VA Climate and Weather

Chesterfield experiences cold and snowy winter with lows of 27 degrees Fahrenheit whereas the summers are hot with highs of 90 degrees Fahrenheit. With 206 days of sunshine each year, the summertime in Chesterfield makes for the perfect weather for residents to visit the state park which has a variety of outdoor nature activities like sailing, hiking, camping, kayaking, and more! You probably won’t be needing heavy snow boots with only 9 inches of annual snowfall in Chesterfield, but you may want to utilize your raincoat during the 44 inches of rainfall. With spring and fall as the most comfortable seasons, the best months to visit Chesterfield, VA are in May, September, and October.

Things to Do in Chesterfield Court House, VA

Chesterfield is home to a variety of amenities, places to visit, and fabulous restaurants both in and outside of the community’s borders. If you’re in the mood for shopping, the Chesterfield Meadows Shopping Center will serve you well! Take a look below at the top places to go while visiting or living in Chesterfield, VA!

Pocahontas State Park

The 8,000-acre Pocahontas State Park is the perfect place to take the family and enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, biking, picnicking, camping, fishing, swimming, and even fun nature activities! Along with an array of natural wildlife and habitats, this remarkable park also features an aquatics center and two lakes!

10301 State Park Rd, Chesterfield, VA 23832 (804) 796-4255

Chesterfield County Fairgrounds

For well over a century, the Chesterfield County Fair held at the fairgrounds in Chesterfield has served as an incredible, cant-miss tradition throughout the County. Here, you’ll get to enjoy everything from live music, to endless food options, to fun events and exciting concerts!

10300 Courthouse Rd, Chesterfield, VA 23832 (804) 768-1555

Additional Attractions in Chesterfield, VA

All parks and natural areas in Chesterfield are maintained by the Chesterfield County Parks and Recreation system. If you’re interested in events and activities in and around Chesterfield Court House, you can check that out here!

Chesterfield, VA Restaurants

El Caporal Mexican Restaurant Chesterfield

If you’re looking for truly authentic Mexican dishes, outstanding service from attentive and friendly staff, and prices you can’t beat, the El Caporal Mexican Restaurant Chesterfield is the place to go! They serve everything from delicious Enchiladas Poblanas to crispy Parrillada Del Mar!

6511 Centralia Rd, Chesterfield, VA 23832 (804) 454-1567

Murphy’s Law Billiards & Sports Pub

This hidden gem in Chesterfield is a family-owned restaurant and sports bar with friendly staff, a relaxed atmosphere, and an outdoor patio. When you’re not enjoying their tasty lunch or dinner fare, you can play a game of pool or darts with your friends!

6411 Chesterfield Meadows Dr, Chesterfield, VA 23832 (804) 796-9378

Jobs in Chesterfield, VA

For those seeking to earn an income, Chesterfield is said to have a very convenient location– especially for those working in and commuting to Richmond. As stated by Payscale, Chesterfield has an average base salary of $59,000 and an average hourly rate of $16.50. Some of the most popular job positions consist of nurse assistants and dental assistants whereas a few of the top employers include Bon Secours, HCA, Inc, and Firestone Complete Auto Care. If you’re looking for employment, try searching for open job positions in and around Chesterfield, VA.

Chesterfield Court House, VA Schools

All of the excellent public schools in Chesterfield are served by the Chesterfield County School District. Some of these schools include Salem Church Middle School and Gates Elementary School.

Whether you’re a resident on the hunt for a popular novel or a student in need of a quiet studying atmosphere, you’ll always have close access to the Chesterfield County Public Library.

Chesterfield, VA Statistics and Information

  • County: Chesterfield
  • Chesterfield area: 2.3 square miles
  • Chesterfield zip codes: 23832 and 23838
  • Chesterfield area code: 804
  • Chesterfield time zone: Eastern Time Zone (UTC-5)
  • Chesterfield elevation: 197 feet
  • Closest airport: Richmond International Airport, 18 miles away

Chesterfield, VA Map

Check out even more things to do with this map of Chesterfield, VA below!

Pros and Cons of Living in Chesterfield, VA

  • Pro: Enjoy the beautiful natural landscapes that the area has to offer!
  • Pro: You get to live in the serenity of a small and quiet town while being only a short drive from the VA state capital.
  • Con: You’ll be needing sunscreen and light clothes during the hot summers!

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