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Is Living in Bon Air VA for You? | 🌄 Why Moving to Bon Air Is so Popular

Last Updated on: 22nd December 2023, 09:50 am

Bon Air is a census-designated place outside of Richmond, VA. Its proximity to Richmond makes it attractive for those looking to relocate to Bon Air. The name ‘Bon Air’ means ‘good air’ as it was originally a resort getaway that offered wealthy Richmonders fresh, clean air in the late 1800s. Today, Bon Air is known for its historic and gorgeous Victorian homes and for being one of the best places to live in the state of Virginia

Bon Air’s history dates back to the 1870s when the area was created as a resort for Richmond’s wealthy to escape the crowded downtown area. Consequently, it was designated as a National Historic District as many structures in the area feature Victorian design dating back to the late 1800s/early 1900s. In fact parts of the city have been designated as a National Historic District. It offers residents a suburban feel and a strong sense of community.

Where is Bon Air? 

Bon Air is in Chesterfield County in Virginia. It is directly west of nearby Richmond, so it’s considered a suburb. Bon Air is unique because it offers a small town vibe and convenience of living near a larger city. Bon Air to Richmond is less than a 9 mile trip, which takes roughly 13 minutes by car. It’s an excellent bedroom community for those who work in Richmond and want to raise their children in the suburbs but still maintain a brief commute. 

Bon Air is a member of the southside neighborhoods. It borders Tuckahoe to the north, Midlothian to the west, downtown Richmond to the east, and Manchester to the south.

Bon Air Population & Demographics

Bon Air’s population is 18,022, according to the 2020 census. Ten years earlier the population was 16,366, which reveals an annual growth rate of .91%. The population is mostly residents between the ages of 18 and 65 with a median age of 47 years old. 22.8% of residents are under 18, 17.1% are 65 and older, and only 6.5% are under five years old.

The population of Bon Air is 75.5% White (72.7% non-Hispanic), 13.5% Black or African American, 7.8% Hispanic, and 4% Asian. Split at 52.27% female and 47.73% male, Bon Air is nearly equal in regards to sex.

The median household income in 2020 in Bon Air, VA was $87,389. This is significantly higher than the national median household income the same year, which was $67,521. Therefore, Bon Air is considered affluent

Per 100k people, Bon Air’s crime rate is 1,842. Bon Air’s total crime rate is 21% below the national average, and its violent crime rate is 40% below the national average. Bon Air is a safe place to live

Bon Air is serviced by the Chesterfield County Police Department, which provides 550 police officers.

Cost of Living in Bon Air 

The cost of living in Bon Air, VA is slightly lower than the national average and slightly lower than the Virginia state average, too. A cost of living index of 100 is the national average, and Bon Air scores a 99.6. The state of Virginia as a whole has a higher cost of living score: 103.7. 

The median home price in Bon Air is $420,000 whereas the state average is slightly higher ($421,100) and the US average is $291,700. The average monthly apartment rent in Bon Air according to RentCafe is $1459. 

To live comfortably as a family of two children and two adults in Chesterfield County, VA, you’d have to make $93,857 per year. Expect to spend approximately $1306 per month on housing, $807 on food, $1461 in childcare, $1221 on transport, and $1258 on healthcare, according to the Economic Policy Institute. 

Bon Air Typical Monthly Living Expenses

  • Inexpensive Restaurant – $25
  • Gallon of milk – $3.24 
  • Loaf of bread – $2.35
  • Apples (one pound) $1.92 
  • Water bottle: $2.01
  • McDonald’s meal: $8.75

Bon Air Neighborhoods | Where to Live in Bon Air 

Since Bon Air is a small census designated place, there are no neatly outlined neighborhoods. However, the northern part of Bon Air is largely considered the more desirable section to reside in, and the south west regions tend to be more affordable, as this area is further from Richmond. 

Bon Air Weather & Climate

Bon Air is located in the mid-Atlantic region in the state of Virginia. Therefore, the area does experience all four seasons. It snows in Bon Air, Virginia. It averages 11 inches per year which is less than the US average of 28 inches per year.

Generally speaking the climate in Bon Air is warm and temperate, however, winters are cool and snowy. Bon Air does receive a significant amount of rainfall throughout the year. 

The temperature in Bon Air, VA, is typically between 29 degrees Fahrenheit and 89 degrees. It’s rarely lower than 16 and 96 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Things to Do in Bon Air 

There are a myriad of things to do in Bon Air and in the larger Richmond, VA metropolitan area. If you like shopping, you can certainly spend a day exploring the Chesterfield Towne Center, a fabulous mall that boasts over 100 retailers. Or, you can check out some of the other things to do in Bon Air. Here are some of our favorites.

Sky Zone Trampoline Park

If you have kids, you’ll have to pay a visit to the Sky Zone Trampoline Park. Sky Zone has various offerings including dodgeball, freestyle bouncing, and even fitness programs. It’s no exaggeration to say that there’s something for everyone. 

1345 Carmia Way, Bon Air, VA 23235,  804-379-2500


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Huguenot Park

Huguenot is a popular park in Bel Air that is known for its tennis and basketball courts, sports fields, playlot, trails, and 53 acres of woods. It’s also a great place to walk around with family and your pets. 

10901 Robious Rd, Bon Air, VA 23235, 804-323-1700

Girl Scout Lake

If you’re looking for a perfect place to spend your afternoon walk, look no further than Girl Scout Lake. It may be small, but it certainly is relaxing, and if you’re lucky, you may even spot some wildlife relaxing near the lake. 

White Rabbit Rd, Bon Air, VA 23235


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Bon Air Restaurants 

Bon Air offers various eateries that will appeal to many different tastes. Whether you are looking to grab a quick bite to eat or would prefer a sit down dinner, you can find a spot that will suit your needs. Here are some of the best Bon Air, VA restaurants. 



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Jobs in Bon Air, VA

Because Bon Air is a suburb of Richmond, there are plenty of employment opportunities in that city. If you’re looking for roles available in Bon Air or the area surrounding, this job board can help. Some of the most popular employers in Bon Air, VA, include VCU Health System, Virginia Commonwealth University, and Chesterfield County Public Schools

City Schools in Bon Air 

If you’re moving to Bon Air with a child, you’ll likely have questions about the public school system in the area. Bon Air is a member of the Chesterfield County Public School District. The district’s teacher to student ratio is higher than the state average at 14:1. There are over 63,000 students attending 64 schools in the district. 

Bon Air Statistics & Information 

  • Bon Air County: Chesterfield County 
  • Bon Air Area: 8.3 
  • Bon Air Zip codes: 23225, 23235 
  • Bon Air Area code: 804 
  • Bon Air Elevation: 328’ 
  • Bon Air Time zone: EST 
  • Closest airport to Bon Air: Richmond International Airport, RIC, , 19 miles 

Map of Bon Air, VA

Get a taste of the suburbs by deciding to live in Bon Air, VA. 

Moving to Bon Air? We’ll make relocating easier. 

If you’re making a move to Bon Air, we’re committed to making the process easier. Once you’ve decided to proceed with relocating to Bon Air, you can begin to source Bon Air movers. Give our Bon Air moving company a call at 804-836-4954 to get a free quote.


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