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Moving Out Checklist

Last Updated on: 28th February 2021, 12:23 am

It can be a tedious task to move out of your home or apartment. You have a lot of loading, packing, and lifting to do. Planning to move out? You don’t need to stress this time. Here’s a moving out checklist to guide you:

 Plan out the logistics by knowing when and how you will move out your things. You should start inquiring to moving companies or ask your friends and relatives who recently moved out.

Moving companies in Richmond VA like On The Fly Moving Guys would be a great help in handling your most fragile belongings. Early reservation will also provide you big savings.

The priority in your moving checklist is to start going around your house. Check the rooms, basement, and backyard. By this means, you can go through the things you own and decide which ones go to donation or yard sale.

  • 6th and 5th Week: The packing process starts now!

 Hold on. This isn’t the actual packing yet! Packing on the 6th week only includes the nonessential items like home decorations, tools, and other craft supplies. You can also add gadgets and seasonal clothes that you rarely use.

 Schedule a room-by-room packing to not miss out seldom used items. Start with the rooms that are used the least. Make sure that you carefully put all the items in the box by wrapping glass and ceramics with newspapers.

  • 4th and 3rd Week: Finally, you’re moving out this month!

 Start the month by canceling subscriptions from newspaper delivery and replacing your bank and identification cards’ address with the new one. This month is also the perfect time to gather all your valuable items like pieces of jewelry, important documents, and heirlooms into one safe box.

  • 2nd Week: Pack your belongings

 Now that you have sorted out the important items, it is now time to pack your belongings. Make sure to label it properly in case you need quick access to it in the future. You can also take a photo of your home as a souvenir!

  • 1st Week: Finally, it’s here!

 Turn off all your utilities when moving out. You should also dispose of all flammable materials that can’t be transported with you. Review your local moving checklist if you didn’t miss anything.

Remember to recount your boxes and verify if all are loaded in the truck. After the movers leave, contact a cleaning company to do a quick clean at your home.

Last, but not least, celebrate all the happy memories you’ve created in your home and prepare for a new beginning in your life!


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