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Maymont Park Richmond COMPLETE Guide 🌟🌳 [2024] | Plan Your Day [Info, Tips, Data]

Last Updated on: 31st July 2023, 02:47 pm

One of Richmond’s best places to visit in your free time is Maymont Park. Tranquil, scenic, and filled with acres of land to explore, this is definitely one of the city’s (and even the state’s) best attractions. Visitors of Maymont Park have the opportunity to enjoy a host of exciting activities — including carriage rides, Maymont Mansion tours, farm and wildlife exhibits, and walking tours of the gardens and grounds.

Planning a trip to this idyllic attraction? We’ve assembled the complete guide to Maymont Park. From park hours, to admission, to Maymont Park insider tips, we’ve compiled everything you need to know in one place.

Overview and history of Maymont Park

Maymont Park is located in Richmond, Virginia. The park is over 100 acres in size, and features a wide variety of activities for visitors of all ages.

The history of Maymont Park dates back to 1893 with its original owners, James and Sallie Dooley. This wealthy couple originally built the land — as well as Maymont Mansion — as their elaborate Gilded Age estate. From the land’s conception, the Dooleys planned to donate the property to the city as a museum as part of their legacy.

After the passing of James and Sallie Dooley, up until 1975, the property was managed by the City of Richmond. To ensure the longevity of the grounds, the Maymont Foundation took over full management duties in 1975 in an agreement with the City of Richmond.

Since that time, much of the charm and original history of Maymont Park has been preserved. Although the property has undergone a variety of updates and changes through the years, the original wish of James and Sallie Dooley — to keep Maymont a “museum for all” — is honored daily.

Interesting facts about Maymont Park

  • Over 800,000 people visit Maymont Park per year.
  • Maymont Park spans a total of 100 acres in size.
  • Maymont Park can be reserved for special events, including weddings and corporate gatherings.
  • The name Maymont comes from a hybrid of “May” and “Mont” — a name a combination of Mrs. Dooley’s maiden name, as well as the French word for “hill.”
  • The grounds are decorated annually for the holiday season.
  • There are both indoor and outdoor attractions for visitors to explore.
  • Maymont celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2025.
  • Visitors can register for youth camps and educational programs.
  • Maymont Park hosts special events throughout the year.
  • There are three separate entrances to Maymont Park.
  • It costs an estimated $3.6 million to operate Maymont Park annually.
  • If every Richmond resident contributed less than $4 per year, the park would be fully funded.

Maymont Park location & hours

  • Parking information: There are two parking lots on-site that are free to use.
  • How to get to Maymont Park: Maymont Park is located along the James River in Richmond’s Byrd Park Court Historic District. You can access the park through any of its three entrances.

Maymont Park admission and cost

  • Tickets and admission info: There are three separate places that require an admission fee at Maymont Park — The Robins Nature Center ($6-$8 per person), Maymont Mansion ($6-$8 per person), and Holidays at Maymont (open seasonally).
  • Tickets to Maymont Park attractions can be purchased online or in-person.
  • The Maymont Park gardens and grounds, Carriage Collection, and Farm & Wildlife Habitats are technically free — but a $5 donation is recommended.
  • Members always receive free admission to all areas of Maymont Park.
  • As part of the Museums for All program, individuals and families who have an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card can present their card for free admission to The Robins Nature Center and Maymont Mansion.
  • Parking cost: Free
  • Accessibility: The Robins Nature Center is accessible by wheelchair. Maymont Mansion and the Italian Garden have some accessibility restrictions due to their design. There are also wheelchair accessible restrooms throughout the park.
  • Pets: Only fully trained service dogs are permitted at Maymont Park.

Things to do at Maymont Park

Wondering what you can do at Maymont Park? Whether visiting with the whole family or by yourself, hours of exploration await. Browse highlights of some of the park’s top attractions.

Grounds & Gardens

Spend a leisurely day strolling around Maymont Park’s grounds and gardens. Around the park, you’ll encounter picturesque settings that feature serene waterfalls, gazebos, stunning architecture, and unique plant life.

The grounds and gardens are divided into several separate sections: The Italian Garden, Japanese Garden, Specialty Gardens, and the Arboretum. Each showcases seasonally-changing flowers and plants in bloom.

During the winter months, expect to see witch hazel, holly in fruit, and wintersweet. As the spring arrives, visitors can bask in the sights of new plants blooming each week. Favorites include star magnolia, maple, forsythia, flowering quince, candytuft, wildflowers, and many others. In summer and fall, popular blooms include crepe myrtle, Rose of Sharon, Osmanthus, Hibiscus, and more. The fall foliage is especially breathtaking at Maymont Park.

Maymont Mansion

Fusing Queen Anne and Romanesque Revival style architecture, Edgerton Stewart Rogers designed and built James and Sallie Dooley’s 12,000 square-foot, 33-room home — Maymont. The mansion has been open to the public as a museum since 1925. It was restored in the early 1970s before coming under management of the Maymont Foundation.

Today, visitors can experience a taste of what life was like for affluent individuals in the Gilded Age. Maymont Mansion tours are self-guided, and include audio.

Farm & Wildlife Habitats

Children are especially fond of the farm and wildlife habitats found at Maymont Park. Featuring an assortment of farm animals — including horses, pigs, cows, goats, and sheep — visitors can enjoy an up-close encounter with their favorite animals.

For those who prefer a more adventurous experience, the Maymont Park wildlife habitats are home to a wide variety of wild animals. All species are native to Virginia, many who’ve been rescued by the park’s wildlife team. On view, visitors will see black bears, bobcats, bald eagles, and more.

The Robins Nature Center

As one of the park’s paid attractions, The Robins Nature Center provides hours of exploration for its visitors. Highlighting the ecology of the James River, the center spans 29,000-square-feet and holds approximately 30,000 gallons of aquaria. The Robins Nature Center has been named the largest of its kind in this region of the state.

What can visitors expect when touring the facility? Individuals of all ages appreciate exceptional features and exhibits such as Freshwater Interactive Animation, River Reach, Digital Pool Touch Stations, and Run of the River, Activity and Exploration.

Carriage Collection

Established back in 1975, the Maymont Park Carriage Collection showcases horse-drawn transportation that was common on country estates such as Maymont. Visitors can learn about the equestrian equipment, harnesses, and other types of vehicles that were used at this period in history.


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Maymont Park insider tips

What are some of the things you should know before visiting Maymont Park? Check out our Maymont Park insider tips to have the best experience possible.

  • Where can you eat when visiting Maymont Park? Although there are no food facilities on-site, visitors of Maymont Park are welcome to bring picnic items. If you choose to bring a picnic lunch, please be aware that feeding the park’s animals is prohibited.
  • Not wanting to bring an entire meal to Maymont Park? There are snack and beverage machines at the Dooley Garage, Maymont Farm, and near the Stone Barn.
  • Drinking fountains are available throughout the park. To stay hydrated throughout your visit, pack a water bottle to refill.
  • Wear your best walking shoes! During your day at Maymont Park, you will be walking and on your feet for hours.
  • Bringing young children? Since the park is so massive, be prepared with a stroller, baby carrier, or wagon in the event they no longer feel like walking.
  • Bring cash if you’d like to purchase tokens that can be used for animal feed at Maymont Farm.
  • Don’t forget your Maymont membership card at home (if you are a member!).
  • Restrooms are available throughout the park.
  • Bring your camera to take pictures throughout the property.
  • Purchase tickets in advance, as some attractions are limited to a set admission size each day.

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