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How to Pack for Move

Last Updated on: 5th May 2023, 09:34 am

Moving takes a serious amount of time and effort. Failing to prepare your things before the move can result in some of them being lost or be forgotten. Preparation is key when it comes to moving, and here are five tips to remember on how to pack for a move, from our professional movers Richmond, VA:

 Schedule Everything

Scheduling depends on your time available and the number of items in your house. If you have a family, scheduling also means delegating the tasks to your other family members. Follow the schedule strictly. Make sure everyone is doing their part so it won’t be a hassle moving out. This might take days or weeks depending on your items or how many people will be helping you to move.

How to Start Packing to Move

Boxing and tagging are almost synonymous to moving. Boxes help you in moving by compressing all your things in a box. Tagging helps you remember which box contains your clothes or your silverware. By compressing your things in a box, you create more space allowing you to fit all your things in a moving company’s truck.

If you also wonder how to pack clothes for moving, it’s pretty easy. First, always make sure that each box contains the same, related items. In packing your clothes, not everything will fit into your duffel bag or your suitcase. You may resort to boxing it. Just remember to tag who’s clothes, is it?

After boxing and tagging, have a separate list of all the boxes so you can review it before leaving. PRO TIP: Here’s a moving out checklist that can provide additional help.

Try to Clear Out a Room Each Day

In your schedule, it would be wise if you can clear a room each day. Try to box and tag all the small and related things located in a room. Clearing out a room each day reduces the risk of forgetting something after you move. You can start from the smallest room on day 1 to the biggest room on your clearing schedule. Clearing out helps in decluttering, making your move easier to organize and the house you leave will be at least tidy.

 Research for Professional Help

 Most likely, your things won’t fit into your family wagon. If that is the case, time to consult a moving company. Researching for a company will make or break your moving experience. You can find a good company on the internet and try to give them a call. Usually, they give quotations and estimates. Moving companies may charge you per mile but speaking to an actual agent would give you a better idea of their costing.

Plan Your Move Day

 Planning when your move day is essential. You must consider the distance between you and your new home. Better check the weather. Review your box checklist before loading everything to the truck so you won’t forget anything. Have an overnight bag with you along the trip along with essentials.


In moving, you need to plan ahead so you won’t strain yourself before the moving day. If you have a lot of things in your house, consider asking for professional help. Otherwise, just bag and tag everything inside each room.


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