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Church Hill Richmond VA Neighborhood Guide 🏆 | What it’s Like Living in Church Hill Richmond

Last Updated on: 22nd December 2023, 10:16 am

Church Hill, also known as the St. John’s Church Historic District, is a beautiful neighborhood in Richmond, Virginia. Once a hotspot during the Civil War, Church Hill, Richmond, VA, is now known for its food scene, walkability, and historic buildings. Because of its interesting history, many sections of Church Hill, Richmond are designated as state and national historic districts. Residents living in Church Hill enjoy beautiful architecture, gorgeous nature, and dozens of small shops and restaurants. As such, Church Hill is a good place to live. 

Where Is Church Hill, Richmond?


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Church Hill is in eastern Richmond and is located just 1.2 miles from Downtown Richmond. This is a 6-minute drive or a 29-minute walk. The Church Hill zip code is 23223, and the neighborhood is about 100 acres in area. Historic Church Hill in Richmond, VA, borders the neighborhoods of Shockoe Bottom, Oakwood, and Fairmount. Interstate 95 separates Church Hill from Downtown Richmond, and the southern edge of Church Hill is just a few blocks away from the James River, providing residents with beautiful views as well as easy access to fun outdoor activities.

After moving to Church Hill, you will have many convenient public transportation options. You can hop on the GRTC Pulse Bus, which serves a 7.6-mile route along Broad Street and Main Street, providing you with easy access to Downtown Richmond as well as other nearby neighborhoods. The Richmond Main Street Amtrak Station is also only one mile away from Church Hill. Amtrak can take you to several places around the state of Virginia, or even to other states if you are heading out on a trip!

Church Hill Richmond VA Map

Church Hill Neighborhood History & Overview

Church Hill is a Historic District for a reason. This Richmond neighborhood played a large part in the American Civil War, and Chimborazo Park used to be the location of the largest Civil War hospital in the country. St. John’s Episcopal Church, which sits in southwestern Church Hill, was the site of Patrick Henry’s famous “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” speech in 1775. Today, this church still holds services but is also open for tours.

After the Civil War, Church Hill was mainly home to middle-class homeowners who worked in the center of the city. However, during the 1930s and 1940s, the neighborhood began to decline. Many of the large houses were subdivided into apartments and became homes for low-income citizens. During this time, the crime rate rose, and the condition of the neighborhood became unappealing.

However, in the 1980s, the Historic Richmond Foundation began its attempt to stabilize the neighborhood. According to the Church Hill People’s News, the organization has restored over 200 properties in the neighborhood since 1983, and Church Hill has, in turn, become a desirable place to live once again.


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The population of Church Hill is 3,360, giving the neighborhood a population density of 3,226 people per square mile. Church Hill is very popular among young couples and young professionals, as only 32% of households in the area have children living with them. The citizens in Church Hill live very comfortably, with a median household income of $81,246. This is higher than both the Richmond average of $54,795 and the Virginia average of $80,615. There is an abundance of Church Hill jobs to help residents meet their income goals.

Church Hill Demographics:

  • Racial and ethnic composition: 68% White (2% non-Hispanic), 24% Black or African American, 4% two or more races, 1% Asian, 1% other races
  • Median age: 34.5
  • Foreign-born population: 2.03%

What’s It Like Living in Church Hill?

After moving to Church Hill Richmond VA, you can expect a laid-back lifestyle with easy access to some of Richmond’s top attractions. Because Church Hill is a part of the Downtown Richmond area, you will find many young professionals and singles living in the neighborhood. The neighborhood is very close to many top employers in the area, providing residents with an easy commute to work.

Church Hill has a trendy nightlife scene but is never too rowdy or busy. The neighborhood is home to several upscale bars, such as The Emerald Lounge and The Roosevelt. The trendy bars in this area are very crowded every day of the week, but most of them close before midnight, allowing residents to enjoy peace and quiet throughout the night.

The neighborhood of Church Hill is famous for its small businesses and independently owned establishments. There are little to no franchise retailers in the area, so residents and visitors can enjoy the unique shops and boutiques that line the streets of Church Hill. You can also expect to be able to visit all of these fashionable businesses on foot, as the area is very walkable. In fact, Redfin recently named Church Hill as one of the “Top 10 Most Walkable Neighborhoods in Richmond.”

Things to Do in Church Hill, Richmond, VA – Best Restaurants, Attractions & Shopping

There is no shortage of fun things to do in Church Hill Richmond VA. The neighborhood is known for its incredible food scene and was listed as one of the “10 Hot Food Neighborhoods Around the U.S.” by Zagat. You’ll find some of the best restaurants in Church Hill nestled along Jefferson Avenue, including Union Market, Slurp Ramen, and Pizza Bones RVA. Other popular Church Hill restaurants include The Hill Cafe, Nile, and Alewife. The latter restaurant has been named “Best New Restaurant of the Year” by Richmond Magazine as well as “Best New Restaurant in America” by Esquire Magazine.


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As you walk along the charming streets of Church Hill, you will find an abundance of small boutiques and shops. Some of the most popular spots for shopping in Church Hill include Dear Neighbor, Tiny Space, and Urban Set Bride.

In addition to the shops and restaurants, you will find many other fun things to do in Church Hill. You can head over to Chimborazo Park, which contains a visitor center for the Richmond National Battlefield as well as a miniature Statue of Liberty. Libby Hill Park is also one of the most popular Church Hill attractions. This Church Hill park contains paved trails, a fountain, and beautiful city views. If you want to venture just a few blocks outside of Church Hill, you can check out other things to do, such as The Poe Museum and the Virginia Holocaust Museum.

This is where you can find these fun things to do in Church Hill Richmond VA:

Schools in Church Hill, Richmond, VA

Students living in the Church Hill neighborhood of Richmond, VA, are served by the Richmond Public Schools system, and many of the top-rated schools are located in Church Hill. In fact, Church Hill is one of the best neighborhoods in Richmond for families due to the amazing schools in the area. Bellevue Elementary is one of the best elementary schools in Richmond, with 62% of students scoring above the proficient level for math and 52% of students scoring above the proficient level for reading.

Other schools in Church Hill include Chimborazo Elementary School, East End Middle School, and Henry L. Marsh III Elementary School. You will also find the Central Montessori School in Church Hill, which is the sole urban Montessori school in Richmond.

Is Church Hill, Richmond Safe?

Is Church Hill a safe place to live? Here’s an overview of the Church Hill, Richmond, VA crime rate.

  • Overall crime in Church Hill: 3,623 crimes per 100,000 people (54% higher than the national average)
  • Violent crime in Church Hill: 228 crimes per 100,000 people (41% lower than the national average)
  • Property crime in Church Hill: 3,395 crimes per 100,000 people (73% higher than the national average)

As you can see, most of the crime in Church Hill is property crime. Although frustrating, property crime does not typically pose a threat to your safety. Church Hill is a safe place to live, especially if you lock up your valuable belongings and park in well-lit areas. The Richmond Police Department serves the citizens of Church Hill.

Church Hill, Richmond Real Estate

Are you looking for Church Hill houses for sale? The homes for sale in Church Hill Richmond VA, come in a wide variety of architectural styles due to construction projects being completed between 1800 and 1930. Because of this wide range, you will find everything from small modern homes to historic mansions. According to Redfin, the average home price in Church Hill is $483,000. This is up 9.2% from last year and is higher than the national average of $412,502.


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There is also an abundance of Church Hill apartments in Richmond, VA. Many of the larger homes in the area have been turned into apartments to accommodate more people. You’ll find many amazing apartments in Church Hill such as Vida East, 2001 East Apartments, and The Edge. According to RentCafe, the average rent in Church Hill is $1,363.


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Does living in Church Hill Richmond sound like a great idea to you? On the Fly Moving is the best Richmond moving company and is here to make your moving experience a great one. Contact us today at 804-836-4954 to get started with a free quote!


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