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We believe moving is something to be excited for, not something that you should dread.

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We believe moving is something to be excited for, not something that you should dread. We offer a full-service, professional, and stress-free moving experience. We are proud to be a part of your move and treat your move like it was our own. We offer local moves, long distance moves, packing services, moving labor, and any other moving service.
You deserve the greatest movers Richmond, VA has to offer and our reviews prove it! When you're looking for a straight forward, no-surprises quote from a local moving company in the Richmond Virginia area? We invite you to contact our customer service department to get a quote for local, long distance moves, storage options or packing help. Our company is committed to making moving day stress free and worry free.

Richmond is our home town and we're proud of it. We continue to grow and serve many communities outside of northern Virginia. We are your one stop shop for moving. Whether you are moving from an apartment to a new home, a small business park to a corporate office in downtown, you can count on us to deliver no matter what the distance. When you’re ready to make the transition to your new location, we are the Richmond moving company you can count on.

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We offer some of the best rates for professional Richmond movers.

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50% effort, 50% skill. We treat your belongings like they're our own.

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Keeping great values as the heart of our company.

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Local Moving

We fully understand the responsibility and needed care that comes with moving someone's most prized possessions.

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Moving Helpers

The professional Richmond movers at On The Fly Moving Guys, LLC understand that moving is not always a one size fits all operation. This is why we developed our moving helper system in a way that allows us to tailor our services to fit your specific needs.

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Packing is by no means just stuffing items into boxes. It is a very tedious, important, and long process that requires great care. The Richmond packers and movers at On The Fly Moving are experts in this field.

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Here are just a few of the moving services we provide.

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